CP Visor Ski Helmets Revolutionizing the Ski Experience by Removing the Need For Goggles

Every so often something new comes along that revolutionizes a sport or an industry, the CP Visor Ski Helmet has done just that.

Online PR News – 28-October-2013 – Aspen, Colorado – CP helmets are designed by consortium consisting of the Swiss based company CP -Fashion-at-sports in Zuerich and the helmet manufacturer based in Milan, Italy, two of the leading locations for design in the world. This combination of talent has been producing CP helmets for winter and summer Sports for over 15 years and marketed primarily in the European markets but we are bringing them to you here in Colorado in our store in Aspen, Colorado and across the U.S. with the availability of online purchase at http://stefankaelin.com/.

CP demands and stands for the highest quality and function in terms of materials, high-tech design, appearance and distribution management. All helmets have the European CE test seal approval, Which is a more stringent test than its American counter part of certification, so you know it will provide world class protection.

The latest introduction of the Camurai line of Visor helmets has been a sensation and big success in the specialty ski stores of Switzerland. The visor concept brings several significant advantages to its users over the traditional ski helmet and goggle combination.

The visor eliminates the need for goggles, this means not only do you have less stuff to carry with you, but you have a improved peripheral vision making skiing or boarding more enjoyable. The visor is also less likely to steam up in comparison to traditional ski goggles meaning you can see where you are going even when you get a bit warm. The visor helmets are especially useful for eyeglass wearer, visor allows enough space to wear corrective glasses, where as traditional goggles do not. The visor is also easily flipped up when you would like while goggles generally will not sit on top of the helmet, requiring you to either leave them on or take them off completely.

The visors are available in 5 different colors including a photo-chromatic visor and are easy exchangeable. This means you can choose the correct visor for the lighting conditions and replace one if it should get scratched.

The helmet is available in ultra lightweight models made of carbon fiber, offering the best possible protection.

All CP Visor helmets are totally customizable. All parts of the Camurai helmets are exchangeable, replaceable and offer the added advantage of exchanging the top shell to a different color to match the color of an outfit or your mood, not many helmets can say this. Some come with leather earflaps for custom comfort and all come with the easy to use, even with gloves closure system.

We are offering 6 different models a ranging in price from $ 298 to $ 580 retail, so we have a helmet that fits your wants and your price range.

There is a clear distinction of models for women and men so you feel like you are wearing a helmet designed for you specifically and not just a head. Available for women are helmets in pearl white shiny with or without Swarosky diamonds for a fashionable look you have not seen before, this is truly a designer ski helmet. Also available in an elegant beige color or shiny brown and blue Chrome color.

Specifically for men, the Camurai Carbon in shiny or dark matt color as well as the blue Chrome color version, there are extremely handsome colors that go well with the most popular colors in men's ski wear and accessories.

We have a great selection of colors, sizes and visor combinations of the Camurai models and all other CP Visor ski helmets at the Stefan Kaelin store in Aspen or online at http://www.stefankaelin.com/mens-ski/cp-ski-helmets/