Ecuador Relocation Tours Announces its 7-Day 6-Night Tour Itinerary

The Ecuador Relocation Tours, focusing on relocation and retirement planning to Ecuador, announces the tentative tour itinerary for its 7-day and 6-night Ecuador tours beginning in January, 2014. Participants will travel to 6 different places in Ecuador.

Online PR News – 28-October-2013 – Dallas, Texas – The Ecuador Relocation Tours is pleased to announce the tour itinerary for its pilot tour in January, 2014. Participants will travel to 6 different areas of Ecuador for 7 days and 6 nights. These are the places considered as relocation and retirement destinations in Ecuador.

The Ecuador Relocation Tours will begin in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city. Participants will meet with a visa facilitator and visit hospitals and Ecuador’s immigration office. The group will then proceed to Manta where they will meet with the expats living in the area. A tour of Manta Ecuador will, likewise, include visits to hospitals, condo rentals, and other places relevant to relocation and retirement planning.

After Manta, participants will head to Puerto Lopez, a fishing village and a tourist destination in Ecuador. They will then visit Loja, Ecuador’s southernmost mountain city. While in Loja, the group will visit Vilcabamba and meet up with the locals and expats in the area. They will then be treated to dining and dancing at an authentic Argentine steakhouse.

Cuenca is the final stop of the Ecuador Relocation Tours before travelling to Guayaquil for the return flight. In Cuenca, participants will go to an authentic indigenous market, walk around the historic city, and have dinner and drinks at international gourmet restaurants. Participants will get the chance to meet and interact with expats and discuss the Ecuadorian way of life available to foreigners and retirees.

“Our tours are a combination of fun and learning”, says Jackie Lange, the official spokesperson of the Ecuador Relocation Tours. “The main focus of the tour is to show participants the kind of lifestyle available to them in Ecuador. Visits to hospitals, banks, residential areas, markets, supermarkets, and drugstores among others will be a tour staple. However, we will also show you Ecuador entertainment via trips to Ecuador’s scenic locations and dinners and dances at selected night spots. Our goal is for you to have a fabulous time in Ecuador and decide, at the end of the day, if living in Ecuador is right for you”, says Jackie.

The very first Ecuador Relocation Tours will start on January 11 to 17, 2014. Monthly tours will follow thereafter. Lodging, meals, transportation, and airport transfers are inclusive plus a local driver fluent in English and Spanish. Participants are advised to arrive a day before the scheduled tour, so they can get settled in early.

The Ecuador Relocation Tours are designed for expats and retirees considering moving to Ecuador. The tour will visit areas in Ecuador suitable for expat living and retirement. Interested parties may visit the Ecuador Relocation Tours official website or call 1-972-496-6032 for information.

About the Ecuador Relocation Tours

The Ecuador Relocation Tours was inspired from the original Panama Relocation Tours by Jackie Lange. Unlike other Ecuador tours that focus on tourist destinations, the Ecuador Relocation Tours are designed to help people decide if life in Ecuador suits them. The tours are conducted by people who know Ecuador by heart and what it takes to move to Ecuador, visiting various areas essential to relocation and retirement planning.