KGWans Hot Sauce Available At Shoppers Corner

1xinfin LLC announces that KGWans Hot Sauce is now available at the leendary Shoppers Corner in Santa Cruz, CA

Online PR News – 28-October-2013 – 10-28-2013 Santa Cruz, CA – “Today was a great day indeed,” shared CEO and Founder of 1xinfin LLC and producer of KGWans Hot Sauce, Karl Goldfield, “We are now on the shelves of an iconic super market in Santa Cruz, California. Shoppers Corner has been in business since 1938 and is still the go to grocery for the Santa Cruz community. To stay in business and thrive for almost a century is a testament to their good choices. We are honored to be one their shelves.”

Goldfield made his comments from outside a demo day where he gave out free samples last
Saturday at Staff of Life Natural Foods. After three break ins and being robbed of thousands of bottles of sauce, Goldfield has been living in a secret location under the protection of private security forces since the launch of KGWans Hot Sauce.

“We cannot stop now,” said Goldfield, still nursing injuries from attempting to break up the last robbery, “We must get the word out that our sauces can be bought in stores now and there is no need to try and find our storage facilities.”

KGWans hot sauce is now available at several supermarkets in Santa Cruz and San Jose.

About 1xinfin LLC:

1xinfin LLC is a small organization that focuses on delivering hand-crafted, organic products made in small batches from local sustainable ingredients. Simply put, our creators produce the best products from the best possible ingredients.
Founded in 2010, 1Xinfin’s mission is to educate through deliciousness. Subtlety teaching happy customers that what tastes good does not have to be bad for you. The name comes from an abstraction of love times infinity and that is what we try to put in everything we offer. We hope you can feel it.
About KGWans Hot Sauce:
KGwan's is an artisan hot sauce made in small batches of 10 gallons or less per heat and style. Each batch is made of the freshest organic ingredients. When possible they are local and as the company grows, the ingredients will be grown in house.

The hot sauce is made with care so that every batch has a unique appeal while still maintaining the signature flavor KGWan's fans have come to love.
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About Shoppers Corner:
Shopper's Corner began in 1937 with the sale of one of many Espindola chain markets to two of its store managers Ed Calwell and Carl Schwartz. After a year of accumulated debt and hard times with the post-Depression era, the two couldn't break even. In 1939 they sold the market to two other Espindola employees Emmett "Bud" Beauregard and Vincent Williams, from the Pacific Avenue store.
As the story goes, they bought the market for a dollar - 50 cents apiece, and about a $6,000 debt. They borrowed a dollar, signed their contract on butcher paper and shook hands over a pickle barrel. From there they went on to build a competitive one-store grocery empire and dominate the Santa Cruz Eastside
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