“Best Wishes” - Spelled Out In Personalized Greeting Card Does Magic To Your Business Prospective

Lance Mohr, the reputed Tampa real estate agent now merchandises automated greeting card services to his fellow businessmen who strive to multiply their business promotional tactics manifold.

Online PR News – 26-June-2010 – – Tampa, FL Lance Mohr of www.tampa2enjoy.com is renowned in his field of expertise to deliver the best of deals on Tampa real estate dealing with a range of Tampa Luxury Homes, Tampa Waterfront Properties, and Tampa Waterfront Homes (http://www.tampa2enjoy.com/real-estate/waterfront.html) and so on. In his tenure of business, he has been successful in retaining his customers and acquiring a stream of newer referrals with incredible consistency with the use of traditional promotional practices of sending out personalized greeting cards on important occasions to his valuable customers.

It was only when they started using this mode of being in touch with the customers of the past that they realized from the customer’s point of view a simple thank you card, birthday card, anniversary card or Christmas or New Year card can go a long way in promoting ones’ business and at the same time making the customers feel special thus forming a channel for new referrals. Although, the World Wide Web has had great influence on people it is so overused these days that staying in touch with customers via emails and newsletters have lost the quintessential personal touch to it. Most of your business emails end up in trash boxes and the customers are least bothered to open all the hundreds of mail that comes through into their inbox every day.

This system does not just hold true in impressing your customers but it also imprints your name in the minds of other prospective business partners whom you want to stay in constant touch with. The best part about this system that is available at www.heartfeltcards4u.com is that you do not have to be present in any way when these magical postcards/greeting cards are sent across to your customers. All you have to do is personalize a message with fonts of your choice that may also include your own handwriting and program the system to send to a certain database of your clients at particular times in a year. So, in short, you have attained an active business booster running on an auto-pilot.

Lance Mohr explains, “The first time I saw this system I knew the potential and if you’ve worked referrals at all you will see what I saw when I came across this. I realized that I could spend a few minutes and set up a campaign and have it run as long as I wanted it on auto-pilot. This campaign would be very personal -- and consistently help me build relationships with all of my customers and prospects throughout the months and years – without my intervention.”

He also adds, “Mailing out reminders, thank you notes, birthday cards, holiday cards and other special event cards is the most effective way to stay in good standing with your customers and build relationships. But who has the time to keep up with all of this, especially if you have a large customer base or plan on expanding your business, This is where the automated system comes in handy especially when you can get the card and have it mailed for about $1 each. It doesn’t matter if you send 1 or 1,000 greeting cards out at once.”


Lance Mohr is a licensed real estate broker that has been in the business for over 13 years. He specializes in Tampa Luxury Homes (http://www.tampa2enjoy.com/real-estate/luxury/) and Tampa Waterfront Homes. If you would like to view the system I use and send a free greeting card please visit www.heartfeltcards4u.com