New Orleans Deejay Matt Scott's Current Performances at Blue Nile, Other Venues in the City

Dance to the music produced by New Orleans' Matt Scott on a Thursday evening at Blue Nile's Swervesday event. Matt Scott also performs at various other dance clubs throughout the New Orleans area.

Online PR News – 27-October-2013 – New Orleans/La. – Followers of Matt Scott may be able hear him mixing different genres of music at Blue Nile’s Swervesday event every Thursday night, and also enjoy his set of music at other well-known venues in the New Orleans area.
In addition to performing at Blue Nile’s Swervesday event, Matt Scott also mixes music on random nights at several other New Orleans venues, including Dragon’s Den, Hi-Ho Lounge, and Maison.
Music lovers and those in New Orleans looking to enjoy the best of the city’s music-thumping scene will also approve of Matt Scott as he provides a diverse set of music at scheduled nights throughout town.

About Matt Scott
It was Matt Scott’s love of music and shady venues that led him to Butlers, an uptown bar that was “the place” for underground DJ music in New Orleans in 1999. He was
introduced by a friend to the resident DJ, Sean Daliet (DJ Real). After a few weeks observing from the shadows, Matt asked if he could join.

“I told Sean I was a DJ, when actually, I had never played in public before,” Scott said, explaining his first real taste of mixing music. “I didn’t know what I was doing at all. I had a small stack of records I had never played because I didn’t own turntables yet.”

It was that first tentative encounter with music that ushered Matt Scott into a new and formative era, however. That one evening defined Matt Scott’s life and career when DJ Real eventually helped him to effectively mold the raw skills he possessed.
“Sean let me do my thing and eventually took me under his wing,” Scott said. “I learned how to mix, read a crowd and so much more from Sean. I found my place at Butlers and owe him and that scene a lot for putting me on. The first time I heard DJ Real spin, I noticed how smooth the mixes were. I knew that’s how I wanted to DJ. I was never interested in scratching/turntablism. I just wanted to mix records and make people dance, and drink free beer”

Matt Scott borrowed money to buy turntables and chose the name “DJ Matic” (after the iconic Nas album “Illmatic”). He continued to work on his skills and eventually built up a following by dj’ing 5-8 hour sets almost every night of the week, learning more each night about what the New Orleans crowd wanted to hear.

“Most of the gigs back then were on a house party, Hip-Hop vibe,” Scott said, further explaining the days when he was still honing his craft. “There was no room for just “ok” songs or you would get called out by the crowd. I would bring 10-15 crates of records to be ready for anything. The music was mostly Hip-Hop, Reggae and Dancehall at first but I began to mix in other genres as time went on. When I started incorporating different types of music into my sets is when I began to develop my own style. I really don’t like hearing the same genre of music all night.”

After several years playing in New Orleans, Matt Scott started one of the first and most successful DJ nights on Frenchmen St. at Hookah Café. The night quickly turned into the place to be downtown on Saturdays, along with his Friday night gig at Mimi’s in the Marigny. He also has held down residencies at House of Blues, Republic New Orleans, Whiskey Blue, Eiffel Society, Dragon’s Den and Le Bon Temps (with DJ Real and The Soul Rebels), and has played at just about every bar in New Orleans over the years. Matt became known for his marathon DJ sets, usually starting off with Downtempo/Trip Hop and building into the kind of energetic dance parties in which once you step inside and start dancing to the beats, you’ll never want to leave.

He eventually dropped the DJ Matic moniker, and now goes by just Matt Scott, and plays everything from Hip-Hop and Bounce to House and other genres of Electronic music. When he isn’t making people dance, he’s providing music soundscapes for local fashion and art shows and also produces music for films and documentaries.

To listen to some of what Matt Scott offers to patrons on a typical night in New Orleans, visit