Broomfield Chiropractor Employs Infrared Laser Therapy to Stop the Pain, Promote Healing

The K-Laser™ has changed the game for those suffering from chronic pain, and Summit Chiropractic Care Center is on the front lines of healing.

Online PR News – 25-June-2010 – – DENVER, Colo. – Dr. Brad Richardson, co-owner of Summit Chiropractic Care Center, LLC ( has seen just about everything after more than 13 years of treating Denver, Colorado residents suffering from various medical conditions. He has seen the anguished faces of bodies riddled with pain, from arthritis or back injuries, or any number of other ailments. Dr. Richardson has been able to help most of these folks over the years reduce or eliminate their pain, but now he has a new ally to help in this effort: the Class IV infrared medical laser known as the K-Laser ™.

The K-Laser ™ was actually the first medical laser to begin employing two infrared wavelengths simultaneously (800nm and 970nm), resulting in deep tissue penetration and increased pain relief. Therapeutic effects of this therapy include: Faster Wound Healing, Reduced Fibrous (Scar) Tissue Formation, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Pain (Analgesic), and Improved Vascular Activity. Quite simply, the K-Laser ™ is the most technologically-advanced Class IV Therapy Laser available today, and you have access to it right here at Summit Chiropractic Care Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

If you find yourself in the 10% of the population that develops chronic back pain after a back injury, or you are currently suffering from ongoing arthritis pain or any other type of chronic pain, this Denver pain management option may be just the answer you have been looking for. You have a reason to hope again.

Dr. Richardson has been specializing in Denver spinal decompression for more than four years. Of the 500+ patients that have been treated with DRX9000 spinal decompression therapy in his office, no less than 80% of them have found significant pain relief. With the combination of the DRX9000 spinal decompression therapy and the K-Laser ™ therapy, the pain-relieving results for sufferers of back pain can now be compounded. This is very exciting news for anyone suffering from this painful condition.

“Chiropractors across the nation are reporting outstanding results as they attempt to treat and help spinal decompression patients that have unique and very difficult conditions to treat. This Class IV laser therapy with the K-Laser ™ has the power to truly aid the spinal decompression process for those patients that had not been able to find relief before with decompression alone," stated Dr. Richardson. "We are truly excited about this development and are looking forward to helping even more people end their pain, whether it is back related or otherwise.”

So what’s the bottom line? Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain and interested in spinal decompression coupled with K-Laser ™ therapy, or your pain is coming from another source, this technology now available at Summit Chiropractic Care Center in Broomfield, Colorado is worth checking into, without a doubt. Pain has finally met its match.

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