Read Aloud Picture Book Celebrates Family & Friendship, Revives Classic Theme with Rhythm and Rhyme

SevenHorns Publishing today announced the release of a new read aloud children's picture book series entitled The Adventures of Jack and Max by S. A. Manwiller. The series emphasizes loving family relationships through the daily adventures of a boy and his dog.

Online PR News – 26-October-2013 – New York, NY – SevenHorns Publishing today announced the release of a new series of early reader children's picture books entitled The Adventures of Jack and Max. Written and illustrated by S. A. Manwiller, the series emphasizes loving family relationships through the daily adventures of a boy and his dog. Manwiller is a musician and singer who loves jazz and Dr. Seuss, a combination which lends itself nicely to teaching early reading and listening skills through rhyme and repetition.

Families play an important role in their children’s reading success, and it’s well documented that reading aloud with children is probably the single most important activity for building early literacy skills and understanding in preschool age children.1 Manwiller’s rhythmically driven writing style encourages beginners to enjoy reading along.

“I write books that I hope will bring parents and children together to share the everyday adventures the Jack and Max stories bring to life, and to have fun reading at the same time,” says Manwiller.

The Adventures of Jack and Max chronicles the exploits of the author’s seven-year-old son, Jack, and his Bichon Frise, Max. “Inspiration for Jack and Max stories comes from lots of places, including friends and family, real events, and a lively imagination,” Manwiller reveals. “The rhythm of the writing is influenced by my background as a musician and my love for Dr. Seuss stories. And all of Jack and Max’s adventures are about fun, love, and learning!”

In the first book "What Jack and Max Love," young readers discover Jack and Max doing their favorite things together, including watching movies, climbing trees, and helping others. Spending time with friends and being part of a loving family resonate with kids and parents alike, and are what Jack and Max ultimately love most.

The Adventures of Jack and Max: What Jack and Max Love is distributed by INGRAM and will be available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and retailers everywhere October 29, 2013.

About S. A. Manwiller:
Scot (S.A.) Manwiller grew up in a musical family, though he’s always loved to draw. He taught himself to play keyboard in two weeks in order to join his father’s band, and later spent a year studying at Berklee College of Music. After an accomplished career as a singer and musician - Manwiller has sung lead for Philly jazz icon, Pieces of a Dream, toured with legendary funk band The Brothers Johnson, and sung back up for superstar Celine Dion - he now turns his considerable creative talent to authoring and illustrating children’s books. Manwiller is thrilled to revisit his passion for drawing, and to combine it with music and stories that celebrate family and friendship. S.A. Manwiller lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Kristin and their three children, son Jack, twin baby girls Eva and Gianna, their dog Max, and Sophie the Cat.

1. Wells, G. (1985). Preschool literacy-related activities and success in school. In D.R. Olson, N. Torrence, & A. Hildyard (Eds.), Literacy, language and learning: The nature and consequences of reading and writing (pp. 229-255). Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.