British Columbian’s Life On The Open Sea, from Trafford Publishing

Canadian and lifetime sea traveller Val Haigh, now 83, has self-published her second book Tryste and the Sea, which tells about her last long sea voyage with her husband Ernest.

Online PR News – 26-June-2010 – – BLOOMINGTON, IN– ‘I don’t think we’ve got anything in perspective,’ admits Val Haigh in her interview with BC Local News journalist Sean McIntyre. ‘We’ve always been a little bit crazy.’

The statement seems to fit this flyaway, free-spirited woman who, even at 83, proved she still had something to offer the world by publishing her second book about her sailing adventures.

Tryste and the Sea, released by Trafford Publishing, recounts the last voyages of Haigh and her husband Ernest aboard their trimaran sailboat Tryste in 1981. It was the same boat that had carried them and their four daughters around the world in the late 60’s, which Haigh documents in a previous book called Chasing the Dream.

In Tryste and the Sea, Haigh relates several adventures and misadventures: living briefly on a tiny island with a free-ranging chicken to provide an egg a day; picking her daughter up in the South Pacific for a jaunt to New Zealand; and promising various good-natured customs officials ‘not to do any smuggling things’.

Eventually Haigh and her husband settled down to life onshore at Salt Springs, British Columbia, and even sold their Tryste. But the energies that previously went into ocean adventuring now came in useful for another passion Haigh discovered—writing. Thirty years after her last voyage, Tryste and the Sea is a loving and witty account of the last days of a zeal for adventure before the present times of paranoid border security and health and safety red tape…a life without borders.

Now Haigh says she is perfectly content with her life on land. Her writing and love of gardening in her Salt Springs home have replaced her restless travelling. “I don’t miss it,” she says. “I feel I gave it a good go.”

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About the Author
Val Haigh has had dozens of articles published, mostly in sailing magazines such as Sail, Cruising World and Pacific Yachting and the British Yachting Monthly. She lives with her husband Ernest on Salt Springs Island, B.C. Her first book, Chasing the Dream, Tryste Around the World, was published in 1998 by Horsdal and Schubart in Victoria. Val was born in England, and from there she and Ernest emigrated together to Canada.

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