Sharewave Technologies brings Hosted PBX Technology to Jamaican Businesses

Sharewave Technologies, a business that offers technological solutions tailor-made for each client, is now introducing Sharewave Hosted PBX to Jamaican companies. Hosted PBX is an internet protocol (IP) solution that can help a company to consolidate its communications.

Online PR News – 26-October-2013 – Jamaica – Imagine making and receiving calls on your company’s landline from your computer or cell phone. Sharewave Hosted PBX works with a firm’s existing telephone & VOIP services including local and international landlines, mobile phones, and computers, even linking branch locations from different countries in one network. CNN Tech News article ‘Behind the Telecom Revolution’ by Susan Breidenbach states, “Like the unseen yet powerful undertow that follows a wave, ever-expanding data networks are exerting a gravitational pull on voice, making the long-awaited convergence of telecommunications and computing a reality.”


According to E-Commerce Times article, ‘From Hype to Reality: Communications as a Service’ by Scott Kinka, “One in five enterprise firms already use managed services for their network and telecommunications needs.” Sharewave Hosted PBX is a cloud-based service that offers the following benefits:

Since Sharewave Hosted PBX is completely hosted, operated, and maintained by Sharewave Technologies, there is no huge upfront investment like there would be to purchase a traditional PBX system. The maintainance of the system and any associated IT staff costs would be cut. Plus calling extensions (including branches outside the country, cell phones and computers) within the company’s extensive network would be FREE.

Sharewave Hosted PBX features help customers to always get through to a company which could mean more business; and voicemail for each extension ensures each customer can be serviced. An Automated Greeting and Automated Attendant with a self-serve directory for new callers presents a professional business image. Even Live Receptionist can be arranged.

Since Sharewave Hosted PBX is run offsite, employees can work from any branch or on the road, whether home or abroad, while still having the ability to conduct conference calls, check voicemail and even have a virtual receptionist to greet callers. Add or remove extensions based on your company’s needs. Most importantly, it works with a company’s existing telephone service.

Unlike a traditional phone system, there are no phone lines to install or complicated equipment to set up. Sharewave Hosted PBX solution provides a complete web-based management of the system and all of the necessary system maintenance is handled by Sharewave Technologies.


Sharewave Hosted PBX offers all the features and benefits of a traditional PBX at a fraction of the cost and with much more functionality including:
- Voicemail-to-Email, which allows users to read their voicemail in an email format
- Extension Dialing to any company location around the world and any extension on the network including a computer or a cell phone
- Online Account Management, to track spend and use of the system in real time.

As well as options like:
- Live receptionist, an affordable option to hiring full-time staff
- Conference bridge for two users, to allow for phone meetings
- Video conferencing, which helps with remote meetings and presentations
- Instant messages for users in the same company, which operates the same as text messaging

And just so calls don’t get missed, use any of these features:
- Simultaneous Ring, has selected phones ringing at the same time.
- Find Me Call Forwarding, rings a series of phones to find you
- Call Hunt Groups, distributes phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines to find one that is not busy.
With all of these features, the first destination to be answered is connected.

Sharewave Technologies is a business formed through a partnership between the U.S. based company, Electronic Eyes Monitoring System LLC, and Jamaican based, Xzact Solutions Limited. The owners, CEO Roy Reynolds and CTO Delano Vaz, each have more than 20 years in the industry. The business provides technical communications solutions to meet customer needs and provide the dedication to detail, personal service, and speedy response time that large telecom corporations are unable to provide. ShareWave Technologies now offers one of its solutions to Jamaican companies, Sharewave Hosted PBX.

Sharewave Hosted PBX offers a large number of features that can be incredibly helpful to start-up/small/mid-size businesses who want a professional option without having to make a major investment in infrastructure and expensive equipment. Susan Breidenbach put it best in her article ‘Behind the Telecom Revolution’ for CNN Tech News, “There is no escape. Convergence is coming, riding the IP wave high and hard.” Sharewave Technologies is offering Jamaica an opportunity to get onboard early.