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TrulyShare is a Silicon Valley company offering free affiliate marketing solutions to bloggers based across the world. Mechanism of these ads allows monetizing a site without interfering with the visitors’ reading experience.

Online PR News – 26-October-2013 – Sunnyvale, CA – Sunnyvale, USA: Bloggers desiring to make their blogs a steady source of income can turn to TrulyShare. They provide free affiliate marketing solutions to bloggers, enabling them to use every page of their blog for monetization. The company has collaborated with reputable merchants, which has facilitated appearance of ads that match page content along with high commission.

“All the bloggers need to do is to insert the code mailed to you in the source code of your blog triggering the appearance of a button ‘Click to Shop’ on the blog. When an interested user clicks on it, the button expands to several shopping options for different high quality products. It is a mechanism that monetizes the site without interfering with the visitors’ reading experience,” commented a senior executive with the company.

TrulyShare has emerged as a prominent affiliate-marketing company that allows bloggers to earn commission on the products sold or subscribed through the ad link. At the same time, they also help merchants make sales that would be otherwise elusive to them. Thanks to positive brand exposure, they can engage effectively with target audience. They are able to woo the visitors of a blog and get advertising space without actually paying for it. The bloggers, on the other hand, are able to enhance the experience of visitors by providing them an option to shop without leaving and, in the process, are able to earn.

The company provides plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Magento, making the integration easy for the bloggers. As for commission, the executive commented, “First payment is made via PayPal when the affiliates reach $20. Our widget pays out 80% faster than many of our competitors. Moreover, unlike the CPM model, your income does not depend on the number of views your page receives.”

TrulyShare looks forward on increasing the number of merchants they work with, but not at the cost of ad quality that is the first criterion the merchants are judged against before they are inducted in the pool. They believe in steady growth that has helped them capture a chunk of market. They have tided over hindrances like overly complex system and unexpected costs, building a network on values like integrity and professionalism. Visit here to know more how to make money with a website.

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TrulyShare, now counted among leading affiliate marketing companies, makes it easy to for bloggers to earn. For anyone who wants to monetize blog, TrulyShare is a lucrative option. For enterprises seeking to improve sales, they are a viable option. The company provides bloggers with affiliate marketing solutions that help them to make money consistently.

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