On October 25th, Official Service Begins for Divine Souls, Real F2P Action RPG & MOBA

Developed by Game Prix (http://www.gameprix.net/), Divine Souls will begin its official service on 25th of October through gamengame.com.

Online PR News – 25-October-2013 – Seoul – Developed by Game Prix (http://www.gameprix.net/), Divine Souls will begin its official service on 25th of October through gameNgame.com.

Divine Souls is an Action RPG & MOBA, which allows for a combo system with fascinating action and PVP mode boss raid.

Although Divine Souls is a F2P online game that requires cash items, the good news is that all cash items are priced $1 or less. In addition, the system requirements have been set low, with its aim to enable smooth play even in low end PCs. Despite the low requirements, Divine Souls delivers spectacular action and is characterized by a wide variety of contents. For the above reasons, Divine Souls is considered as one of the best F2P online games.

Steven Hong, CEO of Game Prix, commented that, “although we would like to satisfy all users by maintaining the original version of RPG play, it was necessary to take into consideration the financial pressures of cash items, and high system requirements.”

In celebrating the launch of Divine Souls, various promotions will be offered to users for a limited time from October 25th to November 7th.

Additional information on Divine Souls, Real F2P Action RPG & MOBA, can be found on our website at (http://www.gamengame.com/games/divinesoul/index.asp), and be sure to check our official Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/officialdivinesoul).

Download and patch the game now at http://souls.gamengame.com/?mc=61.

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