FiberStore Expands Its Cable Tracing Portfolio with Underground Cable Locator NF-816

FiberStore announced to have expended the network cable locators Portfolio with underground tracer wire NF-816, with an effective tracking range up to 3 feet deep and 1000 feet in length.

Online PR News – 24-October-2013 – Bellevue WA – FiberStore, a leading designer and manufacturer of optical communication products used in the enterprise, access, and metropolitan segments of the market, as well as other optical components, modules, and systems, announced recently it has expanded its portfolio of network cable locators with the underground cable locator NF-816, this device works good for effortlessly locating non-energized wires that are buried in the yard such as sprinkler wires, cables TV coaxial wire, and invisible fence wires.

"From the introduction of underground wire locators 40 years ago, tracking buried cables have become a relatively simple procedure. This simple procedure comes in handy in outside-plant environments, where you need to know the location of a cable before the backhoe rips up earth near the buried cable." said Curtis Bowden, sales and marketing manager for FiberStore Inc, "What sets these tools apart from their inside-plant counterparts (tone generators and probes), is that they need to be able to differentiate the target cable from other nearby cables and underground utilities, and provide an estimate of depth."

The NF-816 underground cable fault locator is designed to locate the path of non-energized wires behind walls and underground. It can also locate a specific circuit breaking, point of wires before drilling and verifying dig sites underground. The effective range is up to 3 feet deep and up to 1000 feet in length.

Since its development, the NF-816 unit has consisted of two parts - a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is equipped with a thumb wheel switch for turning the unit on and adjusting the output level on the front of the unit for use with the large alligator clip leads.

The receiver is equipped with a thumb wheel switch for turning the unit on and adjusting the receiver gain. The tracking antenna is attached to the receiver with a 3-foot long cable. Also is equipped with a white LED light and an external earphone. The receiver has been designed to filter AC power related noise. The receiver is constructed of high impact plastic and is powered by on 9V battery.

FiberStore Underground Cable Locator NF-816 can be used for testing different types of faults in cables like continuity, dislocation, open circuit, short circuit, cable pairing faults, or indications like shielding indication, straight cable/ cross over cable indication, etc. FiberStore series of locators range from basic to complicated including Wire Tracker NF-308, NF-8208 Communication Cable tracker, Wire Tracker NF-801R/B, etc. For more information on FiberStore network cable tester portfolio, please visit www.fiberstore or contact the sales at