Recently Released Self-Help Book - Healing The Human Heart Offers The Perfect Inspiration

Newly released book, Healing the Human Heart, offers hope and inspiration for those suffering with grief, anxiety, depression and more.

Online PR News – 23-October-2013 – Manasquan, NJ – Hope springs to life for many with the release of the highly anticipated book, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life ( by respected psychotherapist, Norma Campbell, MSW, MA. For thousands who suffer through trauma or loss, this Self-Help Book promises to offer a new perspective on healing and a renewed belief in life after loss. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to its solid advice on dealing with loss and trauma, it also provides tips and recommendations for goal setting, building successful relationships, living a happier, more content life, developing healthy habits and a positive attitude, and so much more.

Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life provides the insight, tools and techniques to guide those who need help through the most difficult process of healing from past and present trauma or loss. The steps outlined in the book are offered with compassion and understanding from a place of personal experience. The end result is a feeling of wholeness, allowing the reader to finally enjoy the peace and lifelong happiness they deserve.

As Campbell states, “When you are healed and whole, your internal world will be filled with peace unlike ever before. You will feel great about yourself and your life. Your thinking, attitude, and choices will be positive. This book will help you to not only heal and become whole; it will also help you to create an extraordinary life!”

Campbell has counseled hundreds of people and has led them back to a place of peace and wholeness. Those experiences are what molded this book. Additionally, Campbell offers the insights and experiences learned from traumas Campbell personally experienced, including the suicide of Campbell’s father at a young age and the traumatic aftermath thereafter. The same techniques which helped that recovery, Campbell offers in this outstanding book with a sincere interest in helping others overcome pain.

Campbell is also the author of I Matter: Tools and Techniques For Loving Yourself that teaches readers not only how to love themselves more, but also how to create a life filled with peace, joy, and happiness.

Covering topics from healing and mediation to happiness and positive attitudes, Healing The Human Heart: Tools & Techniques for a Happy Life will provide the understanding, compassion, guidance and direction to not only heal, but help readers live a more satisfying life.

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About Norma Campbell: Norma Campbell is a licensed psychotherapist, author, seminar leader, and keynote speaker. Over the past sixteen years she has helped hundreds to heal from severe crisis, trauma, and loss and has a growing reputation for being a therapist who can powerfully transform people’s lives. The techniques she uses in her private practice in Manasquan, New Jersey are now the basis of her latest book, Healing the Human Heart: Tools and Techniques for a Happy Life. These techniques have transformed the lives of hundreds of her patients and many of these techniques come from her own experiences in dealing with trauma and loss.

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