Lamp Post Electrical Pleased to Introduce Crompton Range of LED Bulbs

Leading UK electrical wholesaler Lamp Post Electrical have recently expanded their online store to now offer lighting as well as everything else electrical. The complete range of Crompton LED lamps are the most recent addition, available to buy online with UK-wide delivery.

Online PR News – 23-October-2013 – London, UK – Lamp Post Electrical have light bulbs for every occasion but like most of the energy installers' suppliers they have made a determined effort to do all that they can to promote the use of energy saving light bulbs. The continual pressure on energy conservation has been spurred on by the rapid price increases in energy costs caused by the continual pressure on supplies of oil and gas which will only get worse in the future and also in the pressure that has been invoked by the environmental considerations of the continual burning of fossil fuels which generates large quantities of Carbon Dioxide.

There are many arguments on the levels of damage caused by burning fossil fuels but there can be no doubting the need to conserve fuel supplies so that the generations in future years are not left in limbo. Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Limited are pleased to pay their part in this work and the present LEDs are both efficient and robust and are great a retro fit bulb into a standard fitting.

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Limited are very pleased to promote the Crompton range of LED lamps which are screw fitting bulb with an excellent reputation for supplying excellent lighting whilst using very low amounts of energy. The LED light is gradually taking over the market place and the brightness and size of the lamps is certainly improving whilst the cost of the bulbs has decreased rapidly in the past few years.

As an example of this Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Limited are very pleased to supply the Crompton LED R64 Lamp 7W ES Daylight 6000k bulb. This lamp whilst using a mere 7 watt gives a light, which is equivalent in brightness to a standard 60 watt bulb.

LED bulbs are extremely robust and this bulb will give on average a life span of some 25,000 hours. This is enormous increase in life when compared to a typical standard light bulb and will certainly pay for the extra cost of the bulb. It should be noted that these bulbs have decreased in price significantly and the latest price is only around £8.50 per unit, which is a vast improvement on past prices.

The saving in cost of energy of some 85% of the total cost certainly focuses the mind on energy saving and the replacement of the bulk of light bulbs within a house will give a rapid and large saving in costs. Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Limited note that the Crompton LED R64 Lamp 7W ES Daylight 6000k light bulb will not, unlike the original low energy bulbs, take a while to come on to full power but this bulb will come on to full power immediately. The bulb has a built in reflector which basically puts the bulk of the light where it is needed most and take full advantage of the power of the light generated.

In the days of ever increasing costs this is a saving that cannot be ignored. Have a look at the website today to see just what can be supplied.

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