Pro Desks Launches New Online Vehicle Laptop Desk Store For American Consumers

Pro Desks today announces their new laptop desk website The new website serves as an online vehicle laptop store for American market. The new site is fully ecommerce capable with new features, new technology. Pro Desks is a division of Uppgroup Inc.

Online PR News – 23-October-2013 – Alberta, Canada – With the release of the latest Canadian Pro Desks website, it was specifically built to be completely ecommerce capable and packed with fresh features, state of the art technology and organized listing of products. The skills, experience and expertise by Uppgroup Inc. provided a website which has been specifically structured to make it easier for visitors to shop around and find the mobile computing products they want.

Uppgroup Inc. is responsible for creating the new site, followed by conducting a strong online marketing campaign to showcase the products and boost the sales. The highly advanced marketing services provided by Uppgroup Inc. have the main purpose of attracting the attention of individuals who are interested in purchasing the products for their own use. The online marketing campaign utilized by Uppgroup Inc. in the website of Pro Desks will surely boost its reach while at the same time ensuring top ranks in the online market. Additionally, it will also attract more visitors as well as providing a simple navigation scheme.

Located in North America, Pro Desks is among the oldest vehicle laptop desk provider online. As a well-known mobile computing provider, Pro Desks boasts a number of highly advanced mobile computing products in the market. The laptop desk products by Pro Desks are varied. They have laptop mounting systems for cars, trucks, vans, police and EMS, and more. Their product base plates are interchangeable and were built for specific vehicles, meaning if you switch brands of vehicle you never buy the desk again, just replace the base to match your new vehicle. For people who need to work on the go, it is essential that a laptop can be used conveniently when needed. This is the reason why a laptop desk or stand is needed to secure the laptop in place without slipping or falling down on the floor, especially when travelling in rough terrain or roads. With the products presented in the Pro Desks website, they will ensure secure hold, convenient usage as well as maximizing the space. The latest computer desk by Pro Desks uses a system that is easily bolted into the seat rail bolts of the vehicle. The best part Pro Desks vehicle laptop mounts is that they no longer require any modifications or drilling. The installation is very simple and can be carried out without requiring professional help since there are no complex instructions anymore.

Pro Desks vehicle laptop mounts are made of high quality material which can last for years of rugged usage. The stands or desks can be transferred to another vehicle without any difficulties. The products are not just for personal use since they are also designed for commercial use, particularly by the professionals working in the field of construction or law enforcement.
With the products presented in the Pro Desks website, it allows simple browsing with the help of the Uppgroup Inc. The advanced methods used in the online marketing campaign of Uppgroup Inc. will help propel the website in the top ranks in no time.