Apps Mav Launches Mobile Compatible Facebook Photo Contest App

Facebook Photo Contests can help boost Facebook Page growth instantly. Apps Mav's mobile-compatible Photo Contest app for Facebook aims to help business owners achieve exactly that and more.

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – Worldwide – One of the most common and effective ways to engage Facebook Fans is to run a Facebook Photo Contest. Such a contest contributes to growth in number of fans, page engagement and generates excellent social media chatter for brands. A Photo Contest is a simple campaign where brands invite fans (and non-fans) of their Facebook Page to submit photographs of themselves based on a specific theme/contest rules, and finally winners are declared based on the number of votes, quality of content and other criterias specified by the brand. Apps Mav, a Facebook Apps Developer Agency based in Sydney, Australia, has launched a full-featured Facebook Photo Contest app, equipped with some really great features essential for running such a contest.

This Facebook Photo Contest app is an tool that allows Facebook page admins to run photo contests on Facebook with minimal effort, and gain maximum exposure for their contest. Page admins can fan-gate the contest, asking new visitors to ‘Like’ the page before they can participate, contributing immensely to an increase in fans. The app is fully customisable and has options to display branding through various custom banners.

Businesses can display brand privacy policy, contest guidelines and Facebook promotion guidelines. The app also allows for moderation, ensuring that only valid entries get displayed and no spam goes through, improving the quality control process. Since it’s a Facebook Page contest, voting is an important feature, as it contributes towards generating stories about the contest and, thereby, increases participation. Apps Mav Facebook Photo Contest provides voting options that can be modified as per page admin’s preference.

The Apps Mav Photo Contest app is mobile compatible and allows admins to control how the app appears to the fans. Language settings can be modified as well, so the admin can control the language in which the app is displayed to the fans. This features makes the experience convenient, more localised, and adds to increased participation.

Finally, the app also allows you to benefit from such a contest beyond generating interactions on Facebook Pages. The app comes integrated with a Sign Up form, where admins can collect contact details such as emails, name and more, and send them to a specified email address. Alternately, admins can use the email marketing system integrated in the app called Apps Mailer. Apps Mailer saves all participant details and sends them automatically to a pre-specified list. Promotional emailers and newsletters can be sent to these collected emails using Apps Mailer, creating opportunities for future product promotions, etc.

The Apps Mav Facebook Photo Contest app is available for only $4.95 per month (0-500 fans). This app comes along with a suite of over a dozen other Facebook apps that are free of charge. These apps can be used to sell on Facebook with a Facebook Shop, run Facebook Timeline Contest, essay contest, integrate social media platforms like Youtube on Facebook, Twitter on Facebook and more.

Apps Mav is Maverick Mav’s application development arm. Apps Mav creates highly interactive custom-built and off-the-shelf Apps for Facebook, catering to a wide range of industries and needs. Backed by Maverick Mav’s expertise and experience, Apps Mav is dedicated to supporting business goals and helping businesses grow via Social Media and Facebook Marketing.

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