Snuggie Blanket Is One Of The Most Wanted Products Today

Blankets of different kinds are available in the market today. However, there is something really special with the snuggie blankets. These cozy sunggie blankets are one of the hot selling products today, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 12-March-2009 – – southfield, March 2009 - “Though the snuggies are very popular worldwide, when it comes to buying a snuggie blanket there are only a few genuine sources. You can opt to buy a snuggie blanket online which is the most convenient method available today.""However, care should be taken when you order snuggie blankets online as there are many scams out there. There is a very high chance of loosing your money while buying snuggie blankets online. Hence you should make sure that the online snuggie blanket store that you are dealing with is a genuine one”, says Mr.Anthony Jones of

Speaking about the benefits of the snuggie blankets, Mr.Anthony Jones said, “The snuggie blankets are commonly referred as the blanket with sleeves. If you are still unaware of the snuggie blankets, then you are probably living in some other world. That is the extent of popularity of the snuggie blankets.""This unique product was first known in the name Slanket and the first commercial for this sleeved blanket appeared on 1998. The growth of popularity of the snuggie blanket was very huge as they where of much use to the customers”

He added that “The snuggie is a sleeved blanket with great looks. The snuggie blankets are soft, thick and has the capability to keep you warm even under the extreme cold conditions. Statistics indicate that s of January 2009, over 4 million of the product had been sold.""Here you should get the fact that the snuggie blankets are highly useful to many people worldwide. With the increase in popularity of the snuggie blankets, more and more designs of snuggie blankets are introduced today.""The snuggie blankets come in all colors. However, people prefer the red snuggies as they are more stylish and seem more relaxing to wear than the other snuggie colors”

Speaking on the move, Mr.Anthony Jones said “Based on our experience, we’ll say that people around the planet are loving the snuggie blankets. Some people even have a hobby of creating good looking snuggie blankets today.”

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