Empower Network Blog Beast Released New viral blogging platform expected tochange blogging landscape

Blog Beast system is available to users for only $25/month, the same as the current bloging system. Blog Beast users are able to maintain multiple blogs among multiple domains within one account and one system login.

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – New York – Empower Network leaders have come together over the past 2 years to change the way they think, act, and present themselves in an online business. And now, after 3 million dollars invested and tested something brand new is coming that will forever change the way we interact and engage one another online.

With unprecedented growth and unparalleled success in creating a conscious community of blogging phenoms, Empower Network has done everything possible to stay ahead of the developing technological boom and keep up with the demand in the marketplace of just what is expected.

When Empower Network first started, they were using the WordPress blogging platform, but over time it has become too complicated for users to be able to customize and truly make it their own. That is where Blog Beast will outperform the other blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. Many of the new system testers even feel that a complete tech newbie would be able to customize and use the system with very little direction.

Blog Beast users are able to maintain multiple blogs among multiple domains within one account and one system login. It is faster, easier to use and features a better design than the original Empower Network viral blogging system, as well as compared to what is offered through other blogging platforms.

“When it comes to the setup, maintenance and endless plug-ins, WordPress and other blogging platforms can be confusing,” said Sharpe. “Blogging should be simple and something that everyone can easily do. It’s not. We’ve made blogging easy enough that anyone can do it, even someone who is new to the Internet.”

In the past, mobile apps for blogging platforms were watered down and not as feature-rich as the original programs. Blog Beast matches the desktop user experience with the mobile user experience.

“Our goal was to allow blog owners to post anything from anywhere at any time,” Sharpe said. “That is the power we want to give our customers – to be able to build and manage their businesses from their pockets.”

Sharing is also easier with Blog Beast. The platform allows users to reblog posts from other Blog Beast sites, posting content onto their own blogs while giving the original author credit. A proprietary commenting feature also allows readers to share blogs and their blog comments directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with links back to the original blog posts.

About Author: Blog Beast, an Empower Network (ENV2.0) online platform is now at the forefront of the online blogging revolution. The beast has been released. The blogging system designed to make you MONEY. With the release of Blog Beast, its new second-generation viral blogging system, Empower Network looks to revolutionize the blogging world.