Craig Wilson Releases to Help Struggling MLM/Work at Home Entrepreneurs

Craig Wilson, a 22 year MLM & Business Opportunities veteran and copywriter just released his new powerful and extremely helpful ad copy product that's designed to show MLM distributors and business opportunity enthusiasts how to generate better content much faster.

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – Springdale, AR – was created by Craig Wilson and its primary purpose is to help the thousands of struggling MLM distributors & work at home participants who desperately want to make money online with their business opportunities, but aren't natural born copywriters.

“I understand that every person who's promoting some kind of making money offer wants to recoup their initial funds back and to get into profits fast...the problem is the majority of people don't know how to write ads and content that creates sales, and everything you do starts with the right words”, said Craig

Craig Wilson has come up with a very unique concept that he calls “idea starters”. Inside his product he delivers 3 main modules or “blocks” of pre written paragraphs. These paragraphs are generically written and they can be edited to use in any way that's desirable to the customer.

He covers a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the Attraction Marketing, MLM, and Internet Marketing niches. Craig said, “When a person sets out to write a solo ad, video sales letter or blog post and they get the dreaded writers block, they can simply refer to my material then choose their favorite lines and start writing... it's their little safety net”

Inside the product people not only get 3 very unique modules of 25 powerful paragraphs each, but they also get a very large amount of clever & curiosity producing email marketing subject lines. The amount of value for the money you get here is just not seen from most other information product creators.

Craig Wilson wants to remind people who are promoting their businesses that having a beautiful blog/website is only the beginning and that if they cannot write ad copy that gets people to take action and buy, their ad budgets are going to be depleted fast and they'll end up discouraged.

He knows how to write ads and content that quickly gets peoples attention as he's been in the business since 1993-94. He's learned from some of the best marketers out there and spent literally hundreds of hours researching and honing his skills.

For those who purchase his material not only will they receive a large amount of value driven and extremely helpful material, but they will also receive Craig's one on one marketing advice and attention. This is included in the one time purchase price with no ongoing Internet coaching fees.

Again, he picks up where others fall short and that is in offering service before and after the sale. “Far too many online sellers want nothing more than to grab your hard earned money so they can line their pockets while hiding behind a support desk or email that rarely even answers your questions” Craig went on to say

Right on his website you'll notice that he not only includes his real email address and Skype user name, but he includes his real phone number. You can actually call him before you ever click the buy now button to purchase. He will answer your questions and concerns and even offer you free marketing advice on whatever making money opportunity you might be working on...who does that

His ultimate goal is to give people the confidence to create great content when they just don't feel the creative juices flowing. This content can be tweaked, customized and added to your existing content for an almost infinite number of's our opinion that you've likely never seen anything like this before.

To gain access to Craig Wilson's one of a kind product we invite you to visit today and check out things for yourself. We feel confident that you will not only see the huge value that he puts into his offers, but will be amazed at his willingness to offer above and beyond customer service.

About the company:
Words create wealth shows marketers how to write faster and more creative ad copy for their online and offline marketing promotions.