Turbulent Hurricane Season Spurs on Disaster Kits as a Novel New Gift Idea

With an 85% probability that 2010 will be an above-normal hurricane season, Disaster Kits and Survival Backpacks have become the vogue gift idea for those who have everything.

Online PR News – 24-June-2010 – – The National Weather Season warns that there is an 85% probability of above normal Hurricane activity this season. This news along with several high profile natural disasters have prompted many to think and plan more deliberately about disaster preparedness. One of the surprises has been the emergence of an out of the ordinary gift idea. The Survival Backpack, also called by several other names such as 72 Hour Survival Kit, Emergency Survival Kit, Disaster Kits, and Hurricane Survival Kit.

Emergency survival kits normally contain all the items necessary for one to survive for at least 72 hours. According to emergency preparedness experts, it is vitally important to be able to sustain yourself for 72 hours. In a worst case scenario, it may take that long for first responders to arrive.

72 hour survival kits have become a popular gift, as family, friends, and loved ones are sending these items as gifts, especially to people who live in areas of the country prone to natural disaster. According to Survival Gear Outpost (www.survivalgearoutpost.com) a company specializing in Survival kits; "We definitely saw a increase in sales from New York and Virginia this winter due to the snowstorms, people were buying up our survival kits in preparation for the worst. I am glad we could provide safety and peace of mind to these families".

Experts recommend having a emergency Survival Backpack for every member of the family, make sure everyone knows what these backpacks are, and where they are located.and to keep them near an exit. If you must react on short notice, or immediately after a disaster, having one of these backpacks are a godsend and can quite literally be a lifesaver.