Search Engine Optimization Techniques Revising SEO for Google Caffeine Update

SEO Internet Marketing firm provides key Search Engine optimization techniques based on analysis of the Google Caffeine algorithm and infrastructure updates.

Online PR News – 24-June-2010 – – SEO Internet marketing firm provides Search Engine Optimization techniques based on an analysis of the Google Caffeine 2010 algorithm and infrastructure updates. An analysis founded on tracking client results, SERP changes and research. Each of these techniques are firmly grounded in organic SEO methods and have generated visible Caffeine related results when effectively applied.

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For the purpose of conveying information Irbtrax has arranged Google Caffeine emphasis into the following four categories.

- Accuracy: Returning SERP's (Search Engine Results pages)that match the exact information you're looking for.
- Relevancy: Ensuring that the SERP's return information that is up to date and useful.
- Efficiency: Faster search results and the ability to custom select your search options.
- Sufficiency: Offering a wider range of results by including different platforms like Social Media and real time features.

With the above information in consideration the analysis concludes the following.

- Analyze page download rates. Google hasn't come out and stated that page download rates are a make or break ranking factor but the discussion appears to be on the table. A discussion that should only grow as the 'need for speed' becomes even more paramount. See below link from the Official Google Webmaster Blog:

- Improve page down load rates for hard wire computer usage. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will back click off a website and visit the competition. Resulting in a poor conversion rates, reduced traffic and lost leads.

- Improve page download for mobile. More and more searches are now being done by 'Smart' phones and other wireless technology. Many 'Smart' phones have slower internet connections and less bandwidth tolerance. It's anticipated that Google, at some point in the near future, will place more emphasis on page download rates to address this inevitable trend. The sooner a company embraces this emerging market the bigger the competitive advantage it will gain.

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- Minimize or avoid content that doesn’t relate to the businesses niche. Website content should be relevant to a site's theme, products or services. Google Caffeine places emphasis on relevancy from top to bottom. Create separate pages for content that clearly differs.

- Update and optimize key website content as often as possible. Updated content reflects a site that's not stagnant. Website visitors and Search Engines take notice of this activity. Target audience search trends change so it's important to monitor them and change content to capitalize on this. Thus preventing potential new business from visiting the competition.

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- Revise Meta Title and Description Tags (MTDT) when key website content and search trends change. The MTDT are very important due to search relevancy and accuracy of site indexing. The Title Tag should contain a companies most important keywords. Clear, concise, and informative Meta Tags have shown to help produce higher ranking SERP's.

- Create Quality organic inbound links. Avoid 'link farming'. The paying for mass amounts of inbound links using link submission services. Google and other Search Engines clearly state that these practices can result in your site being penalized. The highest rated links, the ones carrying the most ’votes’ are those created using organic methods.

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