Energy Bulbs Introduce The Philips LED Range With A Warm White Glow

Energy Bulbs have an exceptional range of light bulbs for all occasions and one of the ranges they are proud to supply is the newly introduced Philips range of high power, low energy LED bulbs.

Online PR News – 21-October-2013 – Birmingham, UK – Energy Bulbs have an exceptional range of light bulbs for all occasions and one the best ranges is the newly introduced Philips LED range of bulbs, and particularly the Philips 7W PAR20 (R63) LED Warm White Spotlight Bulb.

Energy Bulbs is always striving to improve their range and they do have energy saving bulbs which are becoming more specialist as the market demands the chance of saving energy for ever more challenging applications. LED energy saving bulbs have been changing at a great rate over the past few years as the process of getting the best LEDs for the bulb has improved rapidly over the years. Originally the LED bulb was not a very powerful light source with the bulbs only managing to be the equivalent of a standard 15 watt bulb or less. However improvements to the LEDs and also to the ganging of LEDs has increased the light output dramatically. LEDs originally had a problem as the materials used in the diodes would produce colours other than white, but those days are long gone and today's bulbs totally match their predecessors.

Energy Bulbs is pleased to promote the Philips range of LED lamps, which are quite powerful bulbs and are ideal for both general lighting and spot lighting particularly in the hospitality business. These lamps are ideal for use in public areas particularly where the bulbs can be left on for long periods of time or even indefinitely. The obvious areas are entrance halls, corridors and stairwells as well a complete range of household uses such as kitchens and bathrooms where ceiling mounting is a standard practice. These bulbs have been manufactured to be compatible with an E27 lamp holder and have been specifically designed to be a straight swap for a 75 watt halogen lamp. is very proud to promote a range of lamps such as the Philips Master PAR as the average life cycle of the lamps is around 45,000 hours. This obviously improves the maintenance costs and workload of these lamps to a very low level as these bulbs can last some 22 times longer than equivalent filament lamps. The major savings for these lamps however, is the saving in power usage as there is an 80% reduction in energy usage, which is a saving no one can afford to ignore. The LED light has the distinct advantage from other energy saving lamps in that they come on instantly and give a very comfortable warm white light. This makes them ideal for usage in the catering industry such as restaurants and cafes where the quality of light is paramount to set the right atmosphere.

Energy Bulbs note that these bulbs, whilst more expensive than the standard lamps, are very economical in maintenance and power savings and will recoup the initial expenditure in a relatively short time. Indeed they will ultimately pay for themselves many times over during the lifetime of the bulb.

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