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On the 4th of October, 2013, Google has come up with yet another update to its web spam hunting algorithm with Penguin 2.1. What difference does it make to the ranking battle now?

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – Ahmedabad,India – Google Penguin has always been severe to manipulative links and this update further brings in a noticeable change to how the search engine is used. The latest algorithm has made it yet more difficult for those purposely violating Google search engine norms and taking short cuts to enhance their rankings.

The Penguin 2.1 seems to completely ignore website backlinks and gives stern focus on quality and originality of content. Google has always maintained its stand of encouraging web masters make the platform more user friendly and provide relevant information. This update now means that many website which were already placed in low ranks to completely disappear from search engine results now.

However, things still remain the same for the best SEO Companies providing highly relevant and quality content. Analysts at Jakbiz say that many websites have been affected by the latest update and in many cases; previously low ranked websites now have a better rank. Those who were honest enough to act immediately after this update have been able to recover while those who didn’t take the update seriously are all set to lose their business completely over the internet.

Jakbiz is happy that things are all well for the hard worked “white hat” affordable SEO services. They have shared a very informative post on How to get Recover Google Penguin 2.1? Many webmasters still got a way out with spams and manipulation but not anymore. Today’s web solution means a total honest approach.

Though we have already noticed a big discussion revolving around the latest Hummingbird fluttering its wings, it certainly doesn’t replace the Penguin and the previous Panda effects. The Penguin has in fact been incorporated as a part of the Hummingbird but is not meant to replace it. Both of them will simultaneously be updated and enhanced to make it more user friendly and apt for end users.

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