Yllume Launches 10% Order Donation Scheme To Spread Cancer Awareness

In an initiative to support breast cancer patients, Yllume has launched a scheme to spread awareness among people about breast cancer.

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – Manila/Philippines – This is a very innovative initiative and the idea is to donate 10% of each product order to the breast cancer awareness program. There is good reason for this program to show results and the patients will definitely get some relief with growing public awareness. This charity will surely provide emotional and practical support to people who are affected by this form of cancer.

Yllume products are innovatively made with natural ingredients added to help the skin gain a natural shine and stop irritation. This is how the membrane becomes glamorous and shiny, un-even skin tone is regulated and hyper-pigmentation gets minimized. The cream diminishes fine lines to restore youthfulness and recharge every cell. Yllume paste also combats dehydration by re-mineralizing, purifying, calming, stimulating, decongesting and recharging energy. This cream is recommended after sun, wind exposure and it is a practical cure for anyone affected by breast cancer.

People can seek information from the official website of Yllume. There are several copies of publications of the scheme and they can be downloaded. It remains a fact that people with breast cancer can get feedback and be rewarded from the offer. There are many people out there who need help and this scheme is certainly going to help. To check on offer details is recommended as free help is extended. Breast cancer awareness is prioritized as a fundamental need. So, this scheme is being launched for it certainly is going to revive one’s condition.

Cleansing skin is an everyday requirement. Also, to keep skin shiny is a requirement for enhancing attraction. The balance maintained helps to render a glowing membrane. So, people are sure to buy cream. If their investment is going to help cancer patients then it means a lot. For more information about the 10% of each order donated to breast cancer awareness scheme, log on to yllume.co.uk.

The initiative is certainly going to bridge funding gaps that remain in cancer awareness programs. So, cancer patients shall become aware about breast cancer treatment methods, understand what medicines to take and how low is the risk to acquire the disease. People are also told when to undergo screening mammogram for diagnosis of the disease. Early diagnosis obviously increases the chances of the patient’s recovery. Then women can live longer than expected. In the campaign, women will also be told what all exercise to do so as to reduce the chances of cancer occurrence. They will also be informed about how to reduce weight and how much family history counts. People are introduced to the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy.

Incidence of death counts due to breast cancer is increasing and many people are diagnosed with this incurable disease. So, to be cautious is very important. It is only with awareness that cancer occurrence can be minimized. The 10% donation scheme is certainly going to help and will reduce cancer occurrences. So, this scheme is promoted for publicizing breast cancer awareness among women.