New Developments in The Antibiotic Pipeline: Small and Medium Sized Companies Take the Helm

Of 113 antibiotics in the development pipeline, 73% are being developed by small and medium sized companies

Online PR News – 30-October-2013 – London – Killing pathogens is the goal of antibiotic therapy, however there is an urgent need to develop antibiotic therapies that undermine resistance mechanisms in more effective ways. The last decade has seen a 60% reduction in the numbers of new antibiotic approvals, but recent years have also seen unprecedented innovation in the development of new antibiotics and there are now over 100 candidates in the pipeline. Many of these are novel molecular classes that target pathogens in new ways, compared to existing drugs. Moreover, some of these candidates may enable the direct targeting of microbial resistance mechanisms.

Today there are more than 200 marketed antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections and these fall into thirty different classes. Notably, 87 (>40%) are beta lactams (carbapenems, cephalosporins, monobactams and penicillins). These are some of the findings of a market study by Biopharm Reports, which identified 113 candidate antibiotics in the development pipeline, of which 60% are early stage (Preclinical and Phase 1). Promisingly, later stage molecules (Phase 2, Phase 3, and those filed with the Regulatory authorities or under Regulatory review), represent 40% of the pipeline. Of these, 24 antibiotics or combinations are at Phase 3 or filed/under review. These molecules are being progressed by 80 companies, of which 77 (73%) are small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), offering important opportunities for new commercial collaborations.

Biopharm Reports carries out country-wide and global market studies of techniques, methods, and instrumentation used in life science and clinical laboratories. These are conducted through specialist groups of experienced end-users and practitioners, and therefore findings are based on 'real world' market data.

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