Green Energy Company Announces New Website for their Green Deal Yorkshire

The Green Energy Company recently launched their website, GECO is known for providing free boiler schemes for low income households.

Online PR News – 22-October-2013 – Doncaster – Sturton Close, Doncaster – 10/21/2013 – The Green Energy Company, popularly known as GECO, is delighted to announce their new website. People can visit and learn more about their Green Deal scheme. It is a free boiler installation service for low income homes having a boiler that is over ten years old or a category G boiler.

Almost 80% of the energy consumed by the average household goes to heating it. That is why energy companies always stress the importance of having a highly efficient boiler in order to save on energy costs. Modern boilers are designed to efficiently convert heat using less energy. Boiler technology is progressing steadily, providing households with a better source of warmth and hot water. Unfortunately, many homes do not benefit from this technological advantage since they are still using old boiler models. Old boilers are prone to inefficiency and wastage due to the quality of their components and outdated designs. There is a category system for boilers to determine the level of its efficiency. Sadly, even with this knowledge people would still prefer using their old boilers than switching to newer and better models. The chief reason is cost. Buying and installing a new boiler is not cheap. It also depends on the type of heating system and condition of the house. Heat is an important necessity inside a house especially to countries experiencing a cold season but boilers rarely top the list of things that needs to be prioritized. With the increasing costs of food, water, and electricity, it is no surprise why boiler efficiency is often neglected. Luckily there is a company that provides free boiler installation for households that cannot afford one. Aside from installation, the scheme also includes several options for annual boiler servicing. An assessment will be made to check the household’s eligibility for the scheme.

About Green Energy Company

The Green Energy Company is a boiler installation team operating in Yorkshire. They offer a Green Deal scheme in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. The company is located at 24 Sturton Close, Doncaster. Their number is 01302 378 593 and email address is

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24 Sturton Close,
Doncaster, DN4 7JG
Phone no: 01302 378 593
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