Five Worst Candies for Braces (And What They Can Be Replaced With)

It is a good idea to take care of orthodontics by avoiding certain treats. Dr. Nima Hajibaik, a Johns Creek adult orthodontist, explains why and offers an alternative to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Online PR News – 20-October-2013 – Alpharetta, GA – Whether they are braces for adults or teenagers, orthodontics are an investment and it’s important to take care of braces year-round. It can be especially hard to do this during the fall and winter holidays as more candy shows up on supermarket shelves.

It is easier to protect braces and other orthodontic appliances if patients avoid these five types of candy.

1. Hard candy – Fall is filled with peppermints and butterscotch candies on desks and in office waiting areas. These types of candy, along with candy canes and jolly ranchers, can damage braces by bending wires or causing brackets to come loose.

2. Bubble Gum – Chewing gum while wearing braces is not wise. Bubble gum in particular is sticky because of all the extra sugar in it. When it sticks to braces the act of pulling it loose makes the tasty pleasure not worth it.

3. Suckers – Lollipops are tempting for people who wear braces. They often believe they can just lick one to get a hint of sweetness, but all too often then end up cracking into it and increasing the potential for damaging their braces.

4. Caramel chews - Apples coated with caramel are practically a tradition in fall. Unfortunately, their chewy goodness is not good for braces. When it sticks to appliances, damage to the wires, brackets, or teeth is likely to occur. Patients often end up calling their Johns Creek adult orthodontist to schedule a repair appointment after they indulge in caramel chews.

5. Pulled taffy – Similar to caramels, these often show up as hostess gifts or in stockings. Even though they are readily available, patients should resist the urge. During the holidays few people have time to visit their dental orthodontics practice for a brace repair.

Even though these favorite treats are off-limits for orthodontic patients, Dr. Nima Hajibaik has approved celebratory foods that are safe while wearing metal or ceramic braces. “Protect teeth with natural treats like smoothies or applesauce. They are safe alternatives to hard or chewy candies. In moderation, ice cream and milkshakes can also be enjoyed,” he explains.

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