Fusion Fulfillment Introduces E-Powerhouse

Fusion Fulfillment provides its customers with real time access to their warehouse data enabling them to track the status of all their order fulfillment activities anywhere anytime.

Online PR News – 20-October-2013 – Brick, NJ – Fusion Fulfillment is a company that provides order fulfillment expertise to businesses, thus passing on discounts and cost reductions to them. Fusion Fulfillments’ clientele includes all those businesses that have outsourced their business’ back end processes to Fusion Fulfillment at very affordable prices.

Effective order fulfillment results in reduced fixed costs, reduced inventory costs, reduced shipping costs and reduced delivery costs. Apart from costs, effective order fulfillment process is important to keep the customers satisfied by delivering on-time and defect less products. All this is managed by Fusion Fulfillment through standardized control procedures, years of expertise and availing bulk volume shipment discounts.

There have been general arguments from businesses about losing control of their order fulfillment processes. Keeping in mind this fear of losing control, Fusion Fulfillment has introduced its E-Powerhouse, a real-time internet portal through which businesses can access all of their order fulfillment activities anywhere anytime via internet.
The company spokesperson while commenting about the technology said, “E-Powerhouse provides virtualization of the order fulfillment process. This portal will allow companies to access and share increasing amounts of information with their business partners. E-Powerhouse is a secure web interface that provides the ability to view the status of your inventory, receiving operations, order fulfillment, and performance indicators. In addition to the ability to access large amounts of data, E-Powerhouse provides an interface to enter orders, receipts, customers, items and much more”
Because E-Powerhouse can be accessed from any internet browser, it can easily be accessed by the management on their smart phones anywhere on the move. It keeps managers informed and allows them to report to their authorities. Sales, order delivery and cost statistics can be charted out on this portal which provides the business accurate data for their strategy and planning stages. In this increasingly technology driven world, E-Powerhouse provides a competitive edge to the businesses and brings control of their business’ processes back to them.

About the Company

Fusion Fulfillment is dedicated to providing leading order fulfillment services for any business. They efficiently handle a business’ back-end needs giving the managers room to focus on the critical aspects of a growing business. They provide a variety of fulfillment services and are flexible to every company’s needs and budget. They provide warranty and customer services also.