Company Launches New Item Kitchen Gadget for Preparing Raw Vegetables

The Spirelli Spiral Veggie Slicer Available at a Price cut

Online PR News – 19-October-2013 – Rancho Cucamonga/CA – Company Launches New Product - Kitchen Gizmo for Preparing Raw Vegetables

Kelly Renner, the Member of the company reveals the launch of the Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Cutter Julienne. Kelly, a former restaurant owner, spends much of time buying and samplingdifferent types of kitchen gizmos. Hereis the things that Kelly points out concerning the Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Cutter, "Many professional chefs have an expertise operating culinary devices. Trying to make use of professional devices in your home is not generally suitable. The Spirelli Spiral Slicer, used by professional chefs, is a compact size cooking area tool that can be utilizedeasily in your home.".

The vegetable slicer creates julienne strips by turning veggies in to long, quality spirals in minutes. Tossed salads, stir fries, vegetable noodles, and much more are made much quicker and much easier. The Vegetable Spiral Cutter adjust so you can choose 2 variations of widths. It makes spiral cuts of 5mm and 3.5 mm in width. Just pick the top or the bottom of the cyndrical tube and place your vegetable. Cylindrical company veggies are the most the effective for making lengthy spiral julienne noodles. This product can be used with bigger potatoes to create shoestring french fries. The bigger the vegetable the better, since the bigger veggies will certainly create much longer julienne strips.

The veggie is putin to the cylinder end and the spiked cap presses the vegetable through. By replicating the turning movement of sharpening a pencil, turn the vegetable in to the slicer and watch the spirals. Keep a firm yet equal pressure to turn your veggies in to extra-long julienne strips.

After completion of turning the vegetable, a slim core will be left. This core can be sliced to put into a meal, or place it aside for a soup. Cleaning is a snap. This dishwasher safe vegetable slicer can be cleansed with operating water or put into the dishwasher.

This product allows a person to easily change carb-heavy spaghetti with healthy balanced veggies. Zucchini noodles are a wonderful carb replacement. For those monitoring their excess calories and carbohydrates this is a vital cooking area tool.

Kelly adheres to a stringent diet and is consuming more veggies. This small kitchen tool helps turn daily meals in to something special with very little effort.

This company intends to provide customers with valuable household items that add value to their daily lives. The company desires to be a leading distributor of revolutionary kitchen cooking utensils designed to make people's cooking and eating encounter more beneficial, pleasurable, and healthier.

This product, the Spirelli Spiral Vegetable Cutter, (the Polar Stix collection) retails for $29.99. The company is giving $10 off retail. The product is readily available on Amazon for $19.99.

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