Renowned Psychotherapist Publishes Free Sex Addiction eBook

Respected Chapel Hill NC psychotherapist, Barry K Selman has launched a free eBook on sexual addiction to help sufferers and their families better understand and manage the addiction.

Online PR News – 16-January-2009 – – With the recent admittance of sex addiction by Hollywood superstars, the disorder has been at the forefront of public debate. A somewhat controversial diagnosis, few have reached a definitive definition for sex addiction.

In his new eBook, Addicted to Sex; Understanding and Managing Sex Addiction, Chapel Hill NC Psychotherapist Barry K. Selman sheds some light on a meaningful definition of sexual addiction and offers solutions for those who are ready to seek help managing their sex addiction.

Barry K. Selman is one of America's leading Raleigh area psychotherapists. Graduating from Columbia University, he has over 25 years experience as a psychotherapist for adults, adolescents, and couples. One particular specialty of Selman's is addiction recovery therapy.

"I believe addictive behavior and thinking are a dominant force in our culture. Marketing messages, advertising, and the accessibility of information on the Internet have all normalized many destructive elements of addiction," says Selman. "For the everyday person addictive tendencies are minimal and manageable parts of their selves. However, for some, those addictive tendencies progress beyond the controllable into virtually inexorable dominant behavior."

While addictions such as alcoholism and gambling are commonly recognized and clinically defined by medical bodies, sexual addiction has not yet been recognized as a psychological disorder by medical associations.

"There is mounting evidence to confirm that sexual addiction is in fact a very real disorder. Many members of the psychiatric community agree that the compulsive sexual behavior defined as sex addiction is not a scapegoat for the morally depraved, says Selman. "We are now at a stage where the medical boards need to reevaluate the validity of sexual addiction."

In his free eBook, Selman uses anonymous real patient examples to highlight the plight of the sex addict.

"The patients in the book aren't just philandering men looking for justification. They are addicts, with a seemingly unstoppable compulsion to engage in sexual activities above all else in their lives," he explains. "Sex addicts have a severe disconnect of the mind, body and soul that manifests itself in a destructive cycle of sexual addiction."

"Without a clinical diagnosis and appropriate sex addiction therapy the cycle continues, slowly stripping away self-esteem, financial stability, and real relationships."

The destruction of close relationships is a hard-hitting consequence of sex addiction. Families and friends can also benefit from the insights and practical advice contained in Selman's eBook.

"Part of the aim for the eBook was to help the family and close friends of a sex addict understand the motivators and behavioral responses of sexual addiction," says Selman. "The book dismisses the current sensationalist media hype that has surrounded high-profile sexual addiction cases and provides a tangible framework for recognition and treatment."

Selman hopes that his book will add fuel to the fire calling for a recognized clinical diagnosis of sexual addiction. This will provide a stronger foundation for sex therapy and also ease the burden of social judgment.

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