Huckleberry Finn Meets Fashion Couture on Kickstarter Platform: Finn Apparel ‘Hem’ Trouser

Backers of the emerging men’s apparel line pledge more than 40 percent of its campaign goal in fewer than 4 days.

Online PR News – 18-October-2013 – Birmingham – Birmingham, AL, United States, October 18, 2013 -- Finn Apparel continues to define its own brand of fashion culture with a distinct blend of philosophy, attitude and sophisticated threads on the Kickstarter platform. The company, which launched its fashion crowdfunding campaign early last week to a resoundingly positive reception, is now reaching out to fans and looking for ways to leverage social media and word-of-mouth advertising to sustain this momentum. At the time of this reporting, backers have pledged $6,017 of the campaign’s modest $14,800 goal.

When it comes to fashion couture, Finn Apparel co-founders Dustin Vann, Cody Joel Foster and Michael Rosato concede the idea of a trend-setting design house originating in the South is both unexpected and largely unprecedented. However, the trio is determined to overcome what it calls artificial barriers in bringing its vision of fashion innovation to the masses.

Expanding on the basic yet fashionable idea of cuffed chino pants for men, the Finn Hem Trouser blends modern and vintage styles with a timeless, tailored-fitting pant—subtly accented with a one-of-a-kind hem. No folding or fuss; wearers can simply flip and go.

The Magic: Anatomy of Finn Hem Trousers

A statement piece in the truest sense, the “Finn Hem Trouser” is adding a new dimension to the concept of southern living and casual dress for men. According to Vann, the team spared no expense when it came to the trouser’s conception, construction, finishing and details.

To start, the group made a no-compromise commitment to invest in the highest-quality fabric, eventually choosing a cotton twill blend for its maximum comfort, versatility, durability and fit.

The trouser is specifically cut to rest below the waist and intricate double stitching, a custom gold-tone zipper, and leather patch above the rear pocket round out its ensemble of secondary accents. All of these details combine to create a one-of-a-kind contemporary trouser, but the ‘material magic’ lies inside the pant cuff. A simple flip, twist or roll of the cuff exposes a unique, custom-fabric Finn hem that is stylishly coordinated to a matching fabric belt loop.

From the country bumpkin to sophisticated gent, “Finn Hem Trousers are designed with the ‘everyman’ in mind,” explains Vann, who has been friends with Foster since middle school. The duo would hook up with Rosato years later after discovering they all had “similar yet very distinct [fashion] tastes.” The group then set out to find a fashionable, affordable contemporary trouser. This search—which became a veritable journey through department stores, boutiques, thrift shops and vintage stores the world over—would prove to be unfruitful, ultimately providing inspiration for Finn Apparel and “the idea” for a flagship twist on the classic trouser.

Future of Finn Apparel

The initial Finn Apparel collection features the signature “Hem Trouser” and includes the “Cochise Hoodie,” “Slouch Beanie,” “Corduroy Camper” and “Finn Voyage Keychain.” Through current fundraising efforts, the group hopes to raise enough money to move production operations to a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront.

“Finn Hem Trousers” are available direct-to-consumer in waist sizes 28 through 36; inseams of 30 through 36, and come in colors brown, blue, green, and orange. The company’s fashion crowdfunding campaign will run through Friday, Nov. 22, on the Kickstarter platform. Interested parties can back, inquire or connect with ‘The Guys at Finn’ at the following campaign page link:

About Finn Apparel:
Founded by three southern gentlemen with a penchant and passion for making unique, sophisticated and stylish ready-to-wear men’s fashion, Finn Apparel is an emerging clothier brand headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. The trio sources, designs, manufactures and sells its Finn Apparel collection direct to consumers through its online retail store. Just this month, the company launched its statement piece, the “Finn Hem Trouser,” through its Kickstarter fashion crowdfunding campaign to a resoundingly positive reception. Future plans now include the design of a signature fashion hoodie for women.

Finn Apparel embraces all-things digital, humanitarian, hip and forward-thinking and believes in leveraging the power of social media to discover and foster progressive ideas that help change the world—even if by one, strategic thread at a time. Shop Finn Apparel to “Find What You Look For” at

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