International Conferences 2015 China

OMICS Group International has chosen China as venue for certain prestigious international conferences planned to be held during 2014 and 2015.

Online PR News – 18-October-2013 – Los Angeles CA – Beijing is one of the most prominent business hubs in China and it is also situated at a strategic location to connect the Far East with parts of Asia and the Middle East. OMICS Group is proud to conduct five international conferences in the Chinese capital in August 2014, which is expected to attract a number of delegates and visitors to benefit from interactive learning and experience the oriental look and feel. China has been welcoming world-class professionals and research enthusiasts with a great zeal, and has proved to be a growing centre of learning on the international map.

As China is the most populous nation, the emphasis on learning and education as it is pivotal. The country boasts of about 100 universities and 1.5 million researchers in various fields or branches of study. In the last decade, precisely in 2004, China had a total of 2,236 institutions with 20 million of students enrolled in various courses. The Chinese Medical Association is recorded to have 82 specialty bodies with around 430,000 members. These figures provide a strong backing for OMICS Group initiative to conduct international scientific conferences in that part of the world and enable people from the geography to play a bigger role in learning platform provided by OMICS Group.

As part of the conferences in the calendar year 2014, OMICS Group International has earmarked Beijing as a location for five exclusive and prominent events involving Medicinal Chemistry, Bioanalytical Techniques, Alternative Medicine, Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics; and Pharmacognosy & Natural Products. Abstracts are accepted from speakers much ahead of the event while delegates could register themselves at the venue to enable maximum participation benifits. Readers are requested to check regularly for the dates of registration and planned tracks and themes for the upcoming conferences in China.

More about OMICS Incorporation:
OMICS organizes around 100 conferences worldwide each year. With more than 25, 000 editorial board members acting as a structural backbone of the organization, OMICS is running on a path of continuous evolution since then. OMICS has started new initiatives: SciTechnol, E-Books, Scholars Central, Clinical and Expert Database, Biosafety Protocols, and E-BABE.