Sachin With Prabodh Mehta Inaugurates Lilavati Hospital Physiotherapy Dept

Prabodh Mehta on the inauguration of new physiotherapy department at Lilavati Hospital saifd that the hospital is a charitable institution and has been able to tend to the needs of the people in its past and also looks for a new advancement in the future.

Online PR News – 18-October-2013 – Mumbai – Mumbai, 14, October - New strides for lilavati hospital as it opens its advanced and upgraded section of the physiotherapy dept. and is inaugurated by none other than the one and only Sachin Tendulkar. Lilavati hospital which is managed and controlled by the efficient team of trustee including Prabodh Mehta, Chetan Mehta and many more. Lilavati Hospital is a name that has made its firm stand in the field of providing human care with proper health care facilities. Irrespective of the social and financial differences that are prevailing in the country, it has come a long way through the narrow roads of building up not only providing affordable facilities through its hospital but also giving the people the help they need and when they need the most. It has twenty two highly eligible therapists who are working under the leadership of Dr. Heena.

The department has been able to provide its services for the past fifteen years and this advance state of the art facility will be capable to serve the needs of the people in various aspects of the cases faced by the department. During the ceremony of the opening of the new physiotherapy division, Sachin Tendulkar said “I am very happy to inaugurate this technologically advanced facility department. I wish Lilavati Hospital all the very best”. He was accompanied by Mr Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta who is one of the trustees of the hospital and they both inspected some of the new technologies and other upgraded equipments such as Balance master, Unweighing treadmill system, Ozone therapy for wound healing, Laser therapy, SciFit - upper and lower extremity exerciser, Kinesis fitness equipment, ARKE fitness equipment. Besides these it also has the Sports medicine rehabilitation and fitness training, Cardiac rehabilitation, Pulmonary rehabilitation, Vestibular rehabilitation, Lymphatic drainage for lymphedema, Spine rehabilitation, Core training and Pilates, Balance, Control and Gait training and Osteoporosis management.

Further Mr. Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta also acknowledged the new addition of the hospital as “Lilavati Hospital has always been at the forefront of such medical advancements. With this upgraded facility and under the guidance of our able Doctors and specialists we would be able to provide excellent medical solutions for patients” The hospital which was formed under the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust with Kirtilal Manilal Mehta as its pioneer to bring about charitable medial aids for the poor who are struggling with their sickness; and not to be burdened by the long list of medical bills. With its slogan, “More than Healthcare, Human care" it has been able to grow with the advancements of science and technologies and the latest research that are available for the patients to look for a better life.