BEAUTeBOOK: What’s new and what’s not meant to change in eBook Cover Design

The impact of digital publishing is changing not only the reading experience, but the roles and interaction among publishers, editors, authors, illustrators and cover artists.

Online PR News – 17-October-2013 – New York City, New York – Maria Novillo Saravia, co-owner and Art Director at BEAUTeBOOK, explains that while the most obvious winners in the new publishing landscape are readers, profiting parties in general are also those who are genuine value-adding contributors in the book creation process, like the authors themselves or book cover designers.
SinceAmazon launched its on-line publishing platform, authors are throwing themselves into self-publishing with real zest, and it is not just plain economics (who would have thought that one day the ratio royalties-publishing fee would swap so drastically?). It is also the MY-WAY feeling. Many authors are excited, even relieved, of being able to bypass traditional publishers and take full control of their book shaping. Publishers have in-house proof-readers, translators, cover artists and an army of editors with the power to reject and even turn-down a manuscript. In-house editors make key decisions; as one author told her“I didn’t have any influence in the cover design, they even chose the title of my books…It is like getting someone telling you how to name your baby!“

In this new scenario, self-publishing authors might still work with editors, but corrections are only suggestions. Authors are now closer to their readers, and build a strong partnership with their book cover designers. They complement each other and both of them find it very exciting to work together and interact directly without intermediaries.

According to Maria, BEAUTeBOOK’s success on fostering such partnerships lies on its people. While the team is composed by talented book cover designer and technicians, all of them are avid readers and literature lovers that are fluent in at least in two languages. She says “The beauty of working with authors is that they have great communication skills, unlike other businesses, we have never had a misunderstanding with any of our clients…”

One example of how such literary spirit shapes BEAUTeBOOK’s business model, is that they do not produce book trailers. “Writing means transmitting through words an author’s idea, reading means interpreting thatwritten idea. The essence lies in the language, if you show a video to your readers you just get a multimedia hybrid which is not a book anymore and you spoil and taint the reading experience.”
It looks like publishing is changing, writing tools have evolved big time, new reading devices are everywhere, but the book as we know it is not meant to change…

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