Blog Beast Is New Mobile Blogging Platform Will Upset Existing Blogging Scene

With upcoming release of Blog Beast, mobile multimedia blogging platform, Empower Network will create some significant ripples in the blogging world. Blog Beast customers will literally be able to ditch laptop and use only smart phone/tablets to run and maintain their blogs.

Online PR News – 17-October-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – After spending more than one year in development, and investing more than 3 million dollars, Blog Beast will be released to public on Oct 18th, 2013.

Blog Beast offers unseen set of mobile multimedia features that will leave competition in a dust.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad and other popular blog platforms have no similar feature set like Blog Beast.
Their mobile versions are watered down, unlike Blog Beast that provides almost identical users' experience with mobile as well as with desktop access.

"When you start getting into the setup, maintenance and advance features, WordPress really is a difficult pain," said President David Sharpe. "It was designed to be super user-friendly. Over time, it's become more and more complicated. Whether you agree or you don't, we've decided to make blogging easy so anyone could do it, even a grandma who's new to the Internet. Blog Beast is everything WordPress was originally meant to be."

One of the unique features of Blog Beast is ability to record audio or video using smart phone and in few clicks post it directly to a blog using smart phone or tablet only.

Blog Beast supports multiple domains and allows sharing content between blogs while keeping credit to original blog poster.
"We wanted to create an atmosphere where no matter where you are and what your idea is, you can put it on your blog when inspiration strikes," Sharpe said. "That's one of the many ways we are changing the viral blogging industry. Imagine building and managing a business from your phone."

Blog Beast also offers training on blogging, marketing and leadership through Empower Network set of products, as well as customer relationship management system for Empower Network affiliates.

Blog Beast will cost $25/month, the same price as first generation of Empower Network blogging platform.