Pastor Mike Buckamneer and Crossroads Baptist Church Announce Bible Publication Ministry

Pastor Mike Buckamneer reports that the Bible publication ministry of Crossroads Baptist Church Girard, KS has recently exceeded 100,000 Bibles produced and shipped to missionaries around the world.

Online PR News – 16-October-2013 – Girard, KS – In 2012 Crossroads Baptist Church of Girard, KS began a Bible publication ministry for the purpose of physically constructing Bibles and shipping them to missionaries around the world at no cost.

The ministry receives the pre-printed pages of Scripture from other printing ministries and they complete the process. The publication team at Crossroads Baptist Church collates the pages before affixing them to a cover printed on site. The covers and pages are then stapled together using commercial grade, book binding, saddle staplers. The final step includes cutting the Bibles with an industrial hydraulic cutter. The Bibles are then boxed up and shipped to various international locations for distribution by missionaries and local pastors.

Since the ministry began approximately one year ago, Pastor Mike Buckamneer reports that the publication ministry has recently completed and shipped over 100,000 Bibles. Most of the Bibles have been shipped to India and the Philippines. The publication ministry is made up of approximately 25 members of Crossroads Baptist Church who volunteer their time weekly to help make the Bibles.

Pastor Mike Buckamneer reports that the ministry is seeking ways in which it can increase it's productivity in the future. Ultimately, the church would like to purchase it's own press and begin printing the pages of Scripture on site. To date, only the covers are printed by the church ministry team. The team looks forward to an even more productive year in 2014.