Historic Solana Structure Open To Public for Paranormal Investigation

Historic St. Augustine FL Solana Structure Open To Public for Paranormal Investigation on Halloween Night

Online PR News – 16-October-2013 – St Augustine/FL – The structure at 21 Aviles Street in St Augustine FL celebrates 250 years this year. This St Augustine bed and breakfast--Casa de Solana--takes its name from the original owner, Don Manuel Lorenzo Solana, a member of one of the city’s first Spanish families. He was 23 years old when the British claimed St. Augustine in 1763 and was one of only eight men (all Mounted Dragoons of the Spanish Army) permitted to remain in St. Augustine after the British took over. He built a tabby house on the property that year and soon after married London-born Protestant Mary Mitchell (with whom he had 2 children). Not recognized by the Catholic Church, that marriage later dissipated. With his second wife, Menorcan Mary Mastres, he fathered 11 more Solanas! Their house was well known to offer haven to Native Americans, injured soldiers, and any traveler in need of respite. Despite the harshness of the times, the Solana Family did persevere, clinging to the love.

Today, Casa de Solana is a 10-room, full-service St Augustine bed and breakfast, with that halo of love and residual energy still abound! Located between Aviles (formerly Hospital) and Charlotte Streets, both with significant haunted history of their own, Casa has long been a paranormal spot of interest, everyone wanting to know if it is haunted. Over the years, common reports from guests and staff have included hearing whispers, seeing shadows, items disappearing, gentle touches, footsteps, etc. All debunkable? You decide! Be part of the very first public paranormal investigation of the house on Thursday, October 31, 2013. There will be 5 "hot spots" available for investigation -- the courtyard; the parlor (previously the Confederate Room); the dining room; the Montejurra Room; and the British Suite.

A recent guest reports “Slept overnight 9-28-13 ... was a little anxious knowing under the ground and all around death from the past as was talked about by a haunted tour guide prior to sleeping here. I don't know if this is a recipe to make us believe or have our imagination create our own experience, but I tell you I had an experience. A half hour after going to bed, I tossed about, trying to get comfortable. As I settled a bit, I noticed a cold feeling come down on to my body. I was under the covers and snug, no way the A/C could do this. A sensation passed thru horizontally, length wise, head to toe and then again 10 minutes later. This sensation moved thru my body from top of my whole length thru the bottom of me, leaving me downward thru the mattress. I don't know about metaphysics and such, but folks this was spine tingling to me. I loved the people here ,they are very nice but I wont go thru another night in St.Augustine ever again. I tell you this place has alot of energy flowing here and its real stuff I do believe IT NOW!”

This public paranormal investigative experience is a one-time thing. Casa does not make habit of promoting its past in this way. ADVANCE TICKET PURCHASE IS REQUIRED. There will be two investigations.

Investigation 1
9-9:15pm Meet and Greet
9:15-10 pm Information Session about Casa
10 pm Investigations begin
12:45 am Reveal Session in the dining room
1:15 am Event conclusion
$35 pp, bring your own equipment
Ghost Starter Kit + Investigation, $154 for one person, $189 per couple (kit shared)

Investigation 2
2 am - Opening remarks
2:30 am - Investigations begin
5 am - Candlelight reveal Session in the pergola with homemade Casa hot cocoa and scones
6 am - Event conclusion
$45 pp, bring your own equipment
Ghost Start Kit + Investigation, $164 for one person, $199 per couple (kit shared)

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