Barclays Preferred Share Choosen as One of the Best Investment Decisions

Steven George Conville shares his thoughts about the best investment decision he had made i.e. on the Barclays Preferred Share

Online PR News – 16-October-2013 – Toronto – Toronto, ON, Canada, October 16, 2013 -- Barclays preferred share is one of the best investment decisions according to financial expert Steven George Conville. One of his most proud investment is Barclays preferred share, series 3, the symbol for which was BCS.PR.A. Average cost for this investment was between $12 (U.S.) and $12.50. Their purchase dates ran from November, 2008, to Jan. 1, 2009, which was right in the heart of the doldrums.

Here are some of the reasons given by Conville for choosing this investment as best. His clients could have bought it when the market totally tanked i.e. they could have picked it up at $3 or $4 a share, or whatever the low was. But buying Citigroup at 89 cents, for example, or buying GM at 89 cents is not buying a stock but that is buying a warrant on management’s ability to save the company. That’s not investing, that’s betting.

There were institutions that were going to be ‘too big to fail’. Bank of England was behind Barclays, and governments, globally, were going to do all they could to ensure the Tier One banks remained solvent. And, knowing that, historically, the long-term rate of return on the stock market is 7 per cent, they had these Barclays preferred shares, a security with a risk profile traditionally one-third as risky as a stock, one priced to give them a rate of return far in excess of the long-term rate of return of the stock market.

The market value of BCS.PR.A as of Fri. April 23 was $24.16. So their ‘high’ client has seen about a 95-per-cent capital gain, and ‘low’ client has seen about an 85-per-cent capital gain. The second half of the investment: It’s a preferred share, so yield to clients, if they hold them for the rest of their lives, is an annual dividend of between 15 per cent and 17 per cent. For best client, the one-year return on this investment was more than 100 per cent. This a security with significantly less risk than equities as a whole that’s positioned to give a significantly greater return than equities as a whole. As long as Barclays remains solvent and doesn’t default on the dividend, this is an investment that clients can keep for life.

That’s not to say Barclays won’t default on the dividend, but in the history of the bank, Barclays has never defaulted on a dividend. Once the Bank of England was behind Barclays, there is no reason to buy anything else like RIM, Citigroup or Bank of America. At the time Conville made this investment advice, the most actively traded stocks were AIG, Bank of America and General Motors. And there was no volume, no interest in these preferred shares. They could go in and buy as much of this investment as they wanted.

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