Boston-area Insulation Company Answers the Question- Why Use Cellulose Insulation?

Dolphin Insulation based in Littleton, MA discusses in new video why cellulose insulation is the best option

Online PR News – 15-October-2013 – Boston, Mass. – Cellulose insulation has been the material of choice for the professionals in Littleton, MA based Dolphin Insulation for several years now. While the material is manufactured from Over Print, recycled newspapers, installers are not just stapling the sports section to customers’ walls and windows.

In fact, cellulose insulation offers several advantages. It has a high thermal value, stops air infiltration, great moisture management, suppresses sound and fire, and stops mold, mildew and insects. The experts at Dolphin Insulation have released a new video explaining some of these advantages in depth.

High Thermal Value: Cellulose has a high R-value; the unit which measures resistance to heat transfer. The R-value for cellulose is 3.8 per inch. This is notably higher than the R-value of most common insulators.

Great Moisture Management: Some consumers may worry that cellulose, being paper-based, will absorb moisture. Cellulose is hydroscopic which means it manages moisture. Instead of being hydrophobic like foam and not absorbing water, cellulose immediately works to dry itself and the framing around it if it becomes wet. When dense-packed cellulose is properly installed it works to keep your home healthy and strong by preventing humid, moisture-laden air from migrating where it is unwanted – like into frame cavities.

Great Sound Suppression: Once again, cellulose’s great air blocking properties prove useful. When applied properly, cellulose insulation doesn’t leave any gaps, which means it traps airborne sound, keeping houses nice and quiet.

For more information about cellulose insulation from the experts at Dolphin Insulation, check out this education video:

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