KRAA Security Launches New Sensitive Data Discovery Service

Miami, FL, October 3rd, 2013–KRAA Security has launched the Sensitive Data Discovery assessment that identifies potentially sensitive information whichmay be out of regulatory compliance or may violate industry security best practices for an organization.

Online PR News – 15-October-2013 – Miami, FL – Sensitive organizational information can reside anywhere. It can be on laptops, mobile devices, on shared file servers, on portals, in document management systems, in databases or USB drives and DVDs. With so many forms of storage, sensitive information isn’t always properly labeled or stored. Most organizations have few methods of verifying whether sensitive data may be at risk or how it moves into and out of the organization.

KRAA Security’s Sensitive Data Discovery service develops an integrated security strategy for an organization that:

1.) Protects a firm’s critical assets and sensitive data (i.e. customer information, corporate information, intellectual property & infrastructure)
2.) Enables secure business transactions and interactions within the enterprise, with customers and business partners
3.) Prevents unauthorized access to a firm’s confidential data
4.) Complies with government regulatory needs
5.) Enables efficient security monitoring, operation, and management.

The objective of this analysis is to perform an automated and manual data assessment for structured and unstructured confidential data within specified devices.

About KRAA Security
KRAA Security was founded in 2007 to address the security needs of companies in all industries through a combination of Security Consulting Services. KRAA Security’s risk assessment services protect organizations from threats through a combination of preventative measures in Social Media Policy, Application Security, Network Security, Operating System Security, Managed Firewall and Compliance.

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