WISH Presents FREE 10 Day Online Summit

WISH - Women's International Summits for Health, offers ongoing monthly women's health summits. "Something Doesn't ADD Up About A.D.D." examines the 'epidemic' of A.D.D./ADHD/Autism - starting Oct 18 and running to Oct 28!

Online PR News – 15-October-2013 – International - Online – We’re in the midst of an epidemic of epic proportions. In 1980, the term Attention Deficit Disorder (or ADD) was coined. It’s a term used to describe a condition most often attributed to children who have trouble concentrating, sitting still, or focusing in class. Today, over 6 million children have received this diagnosis - with ⅔ of those being put on stimulant drugs!

We tell our children ‘say NO to drugs,’ but what message are we giving them by lining up at the counter for a prescribed version of speed!
We at WISH think it’s time to be concerned. And that is why we are hosting our 10 day FREE Summit called
“Something Doesn’t ADD Up About A.D.D.”
We have brought together some of the leading experts on this subject to help us understand just what is going on, how we got here, and how we can choose a different path for our kids. We will cover such topics as:
-how food affects our mood, and how that relates to A.D.D.
-the questions we need to ask our physicians before we accept a diagnosis for our child
-what important (FREE) things we can incorporate at home that can have a HUGE effect - on our child’s behaviour (eg. such as getting our child outside, turning off the TV and having a conversation, taking the time to really listen to our children)
-the difference between behaviour and disease
-what to look for when choosing a school for your child
-how we as parents can get involved in the education system
And much, much more! “Something Doesn’t ADD Up About A.D.D.” begins on October 18th and ends October 28th and we will feature a new speaker each day. We are pleased to be able to keep these calls free - all you have to do is sign up!