Important Children’s Health Information Delivered via FaceBook, Courtesy of CPMG

CPMG San Diego uses the power of social networking to keep parents informed on important children’s health issues.

Online PR News – 24-June-2010 – – San Diego, CA Children’s Physician Medical Group (CPMG) of San Diego has launched a social media campaign aimed at keeping parents informed on children’s health-related issues. CPMG has created a page on the social networking site FaceBook ( where the organization posts important information that every parent and teenager should read.

FaceBook is a free-to-join social network that keeps users connected to their friends, family, business contacts, and thanks to CPMG, to the children’s medical community. Anybody can add CPMG as a friend on their FaceBook network to receive daily tips and information dedicated to keeping children fit and healthy. Parents and teenagers who are already users of FaceBook can add CPMG to their list of virtual friends in less than a minute. Parents who are not currently users of FaceBook ( can create a free account on the site and be up and running with CPMG as their first friend within five minutes.

A glance of CPMG’s FaceBook page reveals the wealth of free information offered to parents in the form of links to health related articles from trusted sources and videos of CPMG doctors discussing pediatric health-related topics.

A recent focus of CPMG has revolved around the importance of children’s vaccinations. CPMG urges parents to remember that children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, need their vaccinations to help keep illness away and to help prevent missed school days.

Other information that has recently been posted on CPMG’s FaceBook page includes a quick lesson in probiotics (those are the good bacteria found in the GI tract), information on keeping a pool safe and sanitary for kids, and a video on the subject of bedwetting. No matter how many children a parent has and no matter what age those kids happen to be, there is information on CPMG’s FaceBook page that can be of use to anybody who wants to minimize the health risks to their young loved ones.

People don’t have to be parents in order to be a friend of CPMG on FaceBook. The information provided for free can be of use to any adult that has to care for children as part of their jobs or personal responsibilities. This means that teachers, baby sitters, day care operators, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, older siblings, and anybody else who helps provide care for children on a regular basis can benefit from the information that CPMG is giving away for free.

The goal of CPMG’s social networking campaign is to spread as much information on children’s health issues to as many people as possible. Ideally, those who work around children will spread the word about CPMG’s social networking efforts to the parents and adults they come in contact with. CPMG’s social network on FaceBook is growing, but it needs the help of responsible adults to continue to grow and successfully distribute the wealth of knowledge it has to share.