Montreal-based Jensens Laboratories Launches Innovative New Vitamin Line

Montreal based Jensens Laboratories is launching a new line of innovative nutritional supplements on shelves this April.

Online PR News – 14-October-2013 – Montreal, QC, Canada – Jensens products have been specially designed to work synergistically with the body, adapting to each person’s unique deficiencies. The Jensens team of researchers, pharmacists and biochemists has tailored each formula with the most potent ingredients in their most active forms. The Montreal-based laboratory reevaluated traditional nutritional supplement formulations, innovating new ingredient pairings to dramatically boost absorption and effectiveness.

Product highlights:
● Jensens CoQ10 supplement is an exclusive formulation of both Q10 coenzymes and vitamin E. This exclusive formula drastically increases absorption, keeping CoQ10 in its active form for longer. Clinical studies found over 55% of patients on CoQ10-Vitamin E achieved a blood pressure reduction of 4 mm Hg or greater.
● Jensens D3 and Vita complete supplements contain higher concentrations of the most commonly deficient vitamins and minerals, carefully formulated without fillers or superfluous ingredients.
● Jensens B12 is a specially formulated sublingual lozenge. Dissolved under the tongue, the supplement bypasses potential metabolization in the liver, where most orally-administered B12 supplements lose potency. The entire dose is efficiently absorbed directly into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness.

Personal Consultations
Jensens Laboratories nutritionists will be available for personal consultations across Montreal. The nutrition specialists will give personal consultations at local health stores to help customers identify specific diet deficiencies through the tailored NutriGap Quiz. Also available online, the quiz analysis recommends a tailored vitamin program according to each person’s alimentation and medical history. Jensens’ commitment to highly personalized service and holistic medical expertise will answer a need currently underserved in the Montreal health and wellness sector.

Jensens Laboratories is happy to provide further informational materials, interviews, or press kits for potential media coverage. Please contact Marketing Director Emily Hill for details.

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