World record in rope skipping

3263 children had been rope skipped about one minute and established a new record.\r\n

Online PR News – 24-June-2010 – – "We've got the world record" Tom Kraus, artistic director of the 11th World Children's Theatre Festival announced Tuesday afternoon on the festival in front of the "Emslandhallen" Lingen. Therewith he initiated raging applause at the attended children and juveniles. Afore 3263 children had been rope skipped about one minute and established a new record.

Initiators of the idea for the world record attempt are 'Hans Willenbrock' and 'Heinz Borchers' from the Community Foundation of Lingen. Together with the city of Lingen and the theatre-pedagogic center by "Emsländische Landschaft e. V" (TPZ Lingen) they invited all schools of the 'Emsland' region to crack the record in rope skipping. For it, 3106 people should simultaneously skipping rope for one minute at least. For all participants the skipping ropes are sponsored by the 'Volksbank Lingen eG' and now they gonna travel around the world with the participants of the 11th World Children's Theatre Festival 2010. Sandwiches and cakes for all the rope skipping's were sponsored by the bakery 'Wintering'.

In the run-up 2700 'Lingener' schoolgirls and schoolboys had registered themselves for the event. But many more children and juveniles had come in addition to the fairground at 'Linden Street'. The participants of the World Children's Theatre Festival took up skipping rope as well and so the world's best performance in rope skipping's by 3263 people was done.

Nursery rhyme songwriter 'Christian Hüser' and also 'Tom Kraus' moderated together the record attempt and encouraged the audience in the run-up seemily. "This is only possible by your team spirit. I have no doubt that this is the new world record" Tom Kraus said after the event.

From the 18th to the 25th June 2010 the 11th World Festival of Children"s Theatre takes place in Lingen (Ems).

The roots of the present festival date back to the year 1990 when the first worldwide festival for children's theatre opened in Lingen. Now, it is considered as one of the most important international festivals of its kind. Hosted by organisers in Moscow / Russia, the festival now returns to its roots in Lingen (Ems), Germany.

From almost 60 applicants, an international jury selected a number of 18 groups, representing more than 300 children from all over the world, and invited them - under the motto "Make your Dream!" - to perform on stage, become acquainted with new cultures, make new friends and above all to just pass a wonderful time.

The groups participating in this festival come from Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Zimbabwe, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Venezuela.

During the festival, more than 50.000 spectators are expected to visit both the performances and the Park of Dreams on the festival ground.


Vom 18. bis 25. Juni 2010 findet das 11. Welt-Kindertheater-Fest im niedersächsischen Lingen (Ems) statt. Unter dem Motto "Make your Dream!" werden über 300 Kinder aus 19 Nationen ihre Theaterprojekte vorstellen. Bei dem weltweit größten Theaterfest von Kindern für Kinder gibt es neben den Theateraufführungen ein abwechslungsreiches Programm im "Park of Dreams" und ein Symposion mit dem Titel "Theater als Überlebenskunst". Veranstalter des Festes sind das Kulturamt Lingen (Ems), das Europäische Zentrum der International Amateur Theatre Association (IATA/AITA) und das Theaterpädagogische Zentrum der Emsländischen Landschaft e.V.

Weitere Informationen auf Karten können ab 3. Mai unter der Telefonnummer 0591/9144-144 bestellt werden. Der "Park of Dreams" ist täglich von 12 bis 22 Uhr (am Wochenende ab 10 Uhr) bei freiem Eintritt geöffnet.

Organisationsbüro 11. Welt-Kindertheater-Fest 2010
Roman Starke
Elisabethstraße 20
49808 Lingen (Ems)


11. Welt-Kindertheater-Fest 2010
Roman Starke
Elisabethstraße 20
Lingen (Ems)