Great offers on the iSync invisible hearing aid, available from Ascent Hearing Care

Online PR News – 24-June-2010 – – Ascent Hearing Care offer a 60 day money back guarantee on iSync hearing aids, as well as free batteries and High iQ hearing aid software updates for the duration of its 3 year warranty.

For many people the appearance of hearing aids is enough to put them off, despite their massive potential to improve hearing loss and, by extension, quality of life. iSync hearing aids solves this problem because they fit in the second bend of the ear canal, completely out of view – even up close. This is the world’s first Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aid, available from Ascent Hearing Care with great deals that will help to make this important investment greater value for money:

There is a 60-day money back guarantee on the iSync when you buy with Ascent Hearing Care, giving you a guaranteed successful iSync hearing aid fitting, or your money back. It also comes with the 3 year Ascent warranty against any cost of hearing aid repair, cleaning and checking services.

Hearing aids amplify sound but most also amplify background noise and this can be frustrating for many users of hearing aids. The iSync comes with High iQ digital software, technology so smart and fast that it removes annoying background noise between the sounds of speech, which would otherwise make it a strain to understand people talking in noisy places. It works in milliseconds to remove noise frequencies from between syllables of speech. Buy the iSync invisible hearing aid from Ascent, and any new manufacturer updates to this technology are programmed in to iSync hearing aids absolutely free for the entire duration of the three year warranty.

The cost of batteries for hearing aids can soon mount up – but the iSync comes with free Rayovac batteries (“the world’s No.1 selling hearing aid battery”) for a full three years when you buy from Ascent Hearing Care. 

Additional benefits of iSync hearing aids: The iSync is custom moulded to fit the shape of your ear for a very comfortable fit, and because it doesn’t block the outside of the ear like some other hearing aids, it collects sound in a more natural way as it is funnelled in to the ear canal.