DANOPT and D-Wiz join forces

London-based data analysis company DANOPT announces partnership with data quality-data warehousing company D-Wiz

Online PR News – 11-October-2013 – London, UK – Data analytics company DANOPT announced a partnership with the data quality specialists at D-Wiz.

DANOPT is a London-based company specializing in the area of data analysis operating in the United Kingdom and the Greek region (Greece – Cyprus). DANOPT’s name is made out of two parts: Data Analysis and Optimisation. DANOPT specializes in the broader area of data science and analytics and its mission is to provide affordable services to businesses and individuals who can’t otherwise afford the high prices set by other companies. DANOPT offers both data analysis services and training of the best quality and prices.

D-Wiz is a company specializing in data quality, data firewalling and system integration.

Data quality is a common problem in many organizations. It is almost impossible to manually check every entry individually for mistakes. Therefore, errors can propagate into the analysis, leading to false conclusions. However, performing analysis on thoroughly preprocessed data can provide quicker and much more accurate insights that can generate immense value for an enterprise.

To be recognized as of high quality, data must be accurate, reliable, complete, consistent, timely and accessible. In addition, they should also be fit for their intended uses and representative of the world-construct they refer to. Data security is equally important, since it ensures accuracy and consistency of the data stored in a database and protects them from unauthorized access. D-Wiz offers all of the above services in a comprehensive package.

This collaboration builds on the unique strengths and advantages of each partner, since the data analytics capabilities of DANOPT enhance the data quality services that D-Wiz provides. This will lead to the creation of a more complete service that can satisfy the rising demands of data scientists and data management platforms in the United Kingdom.

People at both DANOPT and D-Wiz are very excited, and they hope that this partnership can help move the objectives of both companies forward. For more details please don’t hesitate to contact DANOPT or D-Wiz directly by going to http://www.danopt.com/contact.html or http://www.d-wiz.co.uk/contacts/