Author Elaina Redmond Launches Kickstarter for Celebrity Endorsed, Award-Winning Children's Book

Saving America's next generation, superhero Abraham Lincoln is resurrected with one dream, one woman, one book using the new dream maker, Kickstarter. "The Power of the Penny" teaches children financial skills, leadership and the importance of developing a moral compass.

Online PR News – 11-October-2013 – New York, NY – Galvanized by a mission that began seven years ago, author Elaina Redmond, an economics graduate of Fordham University, saw a vision to change America’s destiny. Redmond asked herself, “What if Abraham Lincoln was back to teach kids and inspire adults with real world skills and a moral compass?” In the spirit of American entrepreneurship, Redmond launches her next steps in going digital and launching empowerment t-shirts, 'Girl For President and I Am My Own Hero', to realize her dream for The Power of the Penny mission with Kickstarter.

“The Power of the Penny book provides a comprehensive integration of literacy, history, economics, and civics, which is what teachers can use to plan thematic and/or interdisciplinary units. Having the ‘penny’ as a galvanizing symbol is appealing–to children and to teachers–because of it’s accessibility”, says Sylven Beck, Director, Department of Elementary Education Program at The George Washington University.

With the American dream in possible jeopardy, a 17 trillion dollar national debt on the rise, Redmond is more determined than ever to rally children and adults to take a stand in building their lives using the ideals demonstrated by Abraham Lincoln to reboot the American dream.

The Power of the Penny book provides a comprehensive integration of literacy history economics and civics which is what teachers can use to plan thematic and/or interdisciplinary units. Having the ‘penny’ as a galvanizing symbol is appealing–to children and to teachers–because of it’s accessibility

With years of hard work producing the penny book, events and new American traditions such as the Penny Party program, Redmond needed a sign that her mission was sustainable. In her moment of questioning, she saw one: “Never, never, never give up”, the potent words by Winston Churchill.

Soon after, Redmond met legendary rocker Steven Tyler briefly two times, and then the third time experienced a surreal moment, when he shared inspiring words about the book in a personalized video. Tyler says, “I’m excited about Penny, y’all check it out, it’s a great book.” Redmond says, “having the very man, the creator and singer of “Dream On” praise my book was like knighting my dream. In the moment this happened, I was brought to very deep tears and shared with Steven, this is divine destiny.”

The Power of the Penny book empowers kids to live a hero’s path like Abe Lincoln. It is a winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award and Mom’s Choice Award rallying kids to learn:

● Financial literacy, character values and the practice of kindness and honesty
● A moral compass modeled by Abraham Lincoln, America's beloved 16th president
● Saving pennies with a savings account in their name and for service projects
● Empowerment to live the hero’s path-"I Am My Own Hero"
● Leadership skills (i.e. envision a “Girl For President”)

Kickstarter, a platform for dreams, will accelerate Redmond’s vision to move to the next phase in realizing her vision. As Redmond builds momentum, she is seeking sponsorship for her next two The Power of the Penny projects: to roll out Penny Parties, a new American tradition, and a campaign to raise awareness and action in increasing youth ownership savings accounts.

When one dream, one woman, one book reaches a tipping point, it will mean many children will have heard the message of The Power of the Penny, and will know Abraham Lincoln not only is back, but has got their back. A new possibility for kids will be ignited in building their lives with real world values and skills in leadership, savings, service and civics while walking a hero’s path. Adults will also be inspired by Superhero Abe and the penny.

To learn more about the e-book, empowerment T-shirts and to donate to the Kickstarter campaign,visit" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow"> Join the movement by liking The Power of the Penny on Facebook, follow on Twitter and use hastag #pennypower #girlforpresident. For more information on The Power of the Penny, visit" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow"> To facilitate the Penny program and book donations Redmond has established The Power of the Penny Foundation, a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by the Pan American Bank Scholarship Foundation in Los Angeles. Donations to the foundation are 100% tax-deductible.

Elaina Redmond, author and creator, grew up in New York State and Florida. At age seven, she had an epiphany in a school library and decided to be like Abraham Lincoln. She graduated with an economics degree from Fordham University at Lincoln Center in NYC. Elaina then embarked on a creative path, which led her to produce, direct, write and act in a short film. Soon after, she heard an inner calling and dedicated eight years to writing. During this time, she wrote a poem about Lincoln and the penny, which is how this book came to be. Elaina lives in Los Angeles and is happy to be out of the writer's cave to share her passion about Abe Lincoln with a new generation of children.

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