Shem Tov's Standup Comedy Proves Women are Not Only Funnier But Also Sexier Than Any Male Comedian

Who Says Women Aren't Funny? The humor of women has been a sensitive topic ever since the first one cracked a joke.

Online PR News – 10-October-2013 – Tel Aviv - Israel – It used to be that women were not funny. Then they couldn’t be funny if they were pretty. Now a female comedian has to be pretty—even sexy—to get a laugh.
The idea that women aren’t funny—and which male said that?—seems pretty laughable these days especially after seeing the pretty Elor Shem Tov on stage with her new standup comedy "The Happy Cunt". Shem Tov shows all male comedians that she is here and she is not going anywhere.

It took her a long time to get her own standup comedy show. After performing in all kinds of comedy clubs around Tel Aviv testing her material, finally she got a spot at the Camel Comedy Club. Where all best and famous comedians started and now Shem Tov can say she's one of the gang.

But not like male comedians Shem Tov has to look good on stage. With her black cocktail dress Shem Tov is crude and cruelly insensitive as any male comedian, but with a sexy, coquettish undertone. Her one hour show "The Happy Cunt" explains exactly why women are pretty, sexy and funniest then men.

In her standup show you can’t miss her funny observation on life, as she brings to stage the most intimate situations in a relationship. "The funniest situations happened to me in my bedroom and as I shared it with friends I realize I want to talk about it on stage too" says Shem Tov. Her humor, honesty and sexiness on stage are the reason why you just cannot take your eyes off of her.

You can see her performing every Friday at the Camel Comedy Club in Tel Aviv. And get ready to laugh till you cry.