Zen Bedrooms to Release New Products This Autumn

Zen Bedrooms is a high-end online bedroom store which offers bedroom accessories and products in Canada.

Online PR News – 11-October-2013 – Jackson, WY – Zen Bedrooms will be introducing two new products this fall after many customer requests. Platform beds and pet dog beds will join the line of specially picked Zen Bedrooms products after the social media team realized customers desired them. The social media teamed learned about the customer interest in these products by practicing various social listening methods.

Consumer desires are what builds Zen Bedrooms product lines. This past year Zen Bedrooms added mattress toppers to the product lines after many customers expressed their interest on the company Facebook page. To test the interest in this product Zen Bedrooms created a mattress topper email offer. This offer was very popular amongst customer and became a clear indication that mattress toppers would be a great addition to the Zen Bedrooms product line. The mattress topper is now one of the most popular products offered.

After the success of the mattress topper the Zen Bedrooms team hopes that platform beds and pet dog beds become equally successful. After receiving many customer submissions of pet dogs lounging on memory foam mattresses, Zen Bedrooms recognized a gap in the market and decided to begin selling matching pet dog beds for pet owners.

Platform beds are already available on the site, but because of the popularity they have had Zen Bedrooms had decided to extend their product list and, hopefully with it, customer satisfaction. The company is also working on a way to market the platform beds with memory foam mattress sales so that customers can receive a discount for buying the two together.

About Zen Bedrooms

Zen Bedrooms is a leading online retailer of luxury bedding products. With over 100,000 happy customers in 17 different countries throughout North America and Europe, Zen Bedrooms has a proven reputation of quality products and excellent customer care. Zen Bedrooms is always ahead of the game, constantly testing new technologies and improving products to insure you always get the best night’s sleep.

Their simple aim is to help customers create their own ‘zen’ bedroom that provides peace, beauty, and simplicity. Customers and potential customers are always welcome to check out their website www.ZenBedrooms.com for updates on their latest products.