HARNN USA Seeks Partners for Licensed Retail HARNN Concept Stores

HARNN USA announces the creation of a Licensed Retail Store business model, now available to entrepreneurs interested in offering HARNN's unique line of all natural spa products to their local customer base.

Online PR News – 14-October-2013 – Seattle, WA – HARNN USA is excited to announce licensed Retail Store Opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in providing their clientele with a unique collection of unparalleled luxury spa products that pamper the mind, body and soul. "We are eager to establish partnerships with ambitious entrepreneurs that are looking for a unique business opportunity that will give them the chance to be part of a major brand development in the US market with the potential to grow a fast and steady retail-based income," says Eric Crider, CEO of HARNN USA.

Since 2009, when HARNN's unique collection of all Natural Home Spa Products was first introduced to the US, HARNN USA has continued to grow brand awareness and establish a very loyal customer base stateside. By offering licensed retail store opportunities, Crider is excited to provide customers greater access to the unique line of products formulated with proven ancient processes and all natural ingredients.

Crider's hope is that through additional retail partnerships, he and his team will be able to continue to increase brand identity and awareness while making the much sought after products more readily available to customers nation wide. With this retail expansion, HARNN USA will have the opportunity to explore multiple distribution channels while focusing more on the various and ever-changing customer needs.

HARNN offers an array of signature collections, including hair and body care products, a bath and massage oil line, two facial lines, an organic tisane line and an interior fragrance collection. All of the collections in the HARNN lineup utilize pure essential oils and all Natural Plant Extracts, creating an exotic, results-driven collection of products that are meant to restore and maintain the natural balance between mind, body and environment.

As customers have the opportunity to get a hands-on feel for these professional spa-quality products, the naturally lavish attributes quickly become apparent, creating a loyal customer following based on true elements of the products. Unlike similarly marketed products with questionable claims, HARNN delivers honest results based on proven ancient beauty practices and methods derived from Japan, India, China and Thailand. As HARNN USA expands their retail presence, a real focus on product development will emerge to educate current and potential customers alike, making the fundamental product components even more transparent.

HARNN USA would like to encourage anyone interested in a retail store partnership to contact their team to discuss details and potential store locations. A complete retailer agreement has been outlined and approved by CEO Eric Crider, assuring that the business model is complete and fair for all parties involved, and he is eager to discuss possibilities with serious entrepreneurs looking for a unique business opportunity.

Those interested in retail partnership opportunities with HARNN USA are urged to contact Michelle Root at micheller@harnnusa.com for more information, or visit www.harnnusa.com.

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HARNN USA is a division of HARNN, and is a global leader in natural home spa and aromatherapy products. Inspired by Asian culture, HARNN's products take a holistic approach t well-being based on ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and beauty secrets from Japan, china, India and Thailand. HARNN's products are formulated with natural ingredients to help maintain the natural balance of the mind, body and spirit in today's contemporary lifestyle.

HARNN launched in Thailand in 1999, and now features more than 50 stores in more than 20 countries. HARNN USA launched in 2009, with its first store in Bellevue, Washington, and online at www.harnnusa.com. HARNN creates and retails a wide variety of all natural home spa and aromatherapy products, including Facial and Skincare, Hair Care, Body Care, Aromatherapy and Massage Oils, and Interior Fragrance.

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